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Vinyl Is Finally Taking Back The Music Industry As CD Sales Plummet


I’ve been saying it for years: vinyl is the way to go and Millennials are finally catching on! Best Buy announced this week that its stores will stop selling CDs (compact discs) altogether this July 1. Meanwhile vinyl sales have been steadily rising over the last few years, becoming, once again, a high-demand item for music retailers who have been struggling to compete with digital streaming services and music downloaded from the Internet. According to The Guardian, vinyl sales saw a 53% increase between 2015 and 2016, the highest sales numbers for vinyl since 1991. Although vinyls have always been kept around by independent retailers like Half Price Books and local stores like Cheapo Records and Electric Fetus here in Minneapolis, retailers like Best Buy and Target have caught up with the trend. As some begin to drop CD sales, none seem to have any plans to stop selling vinyl. Continue reading

Go yama – Space Dandy Bump


The producer out of San Diego just dropped another dope track titled “Space Dandy Bump”. The track was released yesterday through the ROOTNOTE Collective, and possesses a nice summer bounce with some smooth jazz about midway through. If you listen to other Go yama songs, you will notice the heavy jazz and hip-hop influenced throughout his music. Enjoy.

Weekend Classics # 7 – Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef. Say it with me now, Yu-sef La-teef. Yusef is a walking music encyclopedia, whom happens to be 93 years old and still performing as if he is in his prime. After growing up in the Detroit area and studying composition and flute, he began his first recording in 1957. By 1961 Yusef released Eastern Sounds and Into Something, which he gained much of a presence. His ability to blend jazz with eastern music makes him such a highly regarded musician throughout the world. Put it this way, he happens to be a big influence on saxophonist Coltrane, and the two were signed to the same record label for years. Who else have you heard of that plays the tenor saxophone and flute, he also plays oboe and bassoon, both rare in jazz, and also uses a number of world music instruments, notably thebamboo flute, shanai, shofar, Xun, arghul, sarewa, and koto.

There is  a lot of literature on this man and I could pretty much write a novel on him. I strongly suggest to start with a simple wikipedia search and go from there.  YUSEF IS A DAMN GENIOUS!

Garmin Virb Action Camera

Lookout GoPro, Garmin just entered the HD portable Camera Game with there Virb Action Camera.

Lead designer on the project, Adam Roush helped push this product to market and I must say, he just created the first camera to really take on the GoPro market share. The Virb locks in true 1080P @ 30FPS with additional video modes for slower frame rate (1080p@30fps, 960p@48fps, 720p@30/60fps, 848×480@120fps), full chroma display lets you see what you actually recorded while using low power to keep recording longer, expandable microSD memory card slot, HDMI Out, Digital Stabilization, replaceable 2000 mAh lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, and integrated waterproof housing up to 20 meters; all for $299.

Upgrade to the Virb Elite and you get High-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and barometric altimeter, WiFi connectivity, and Remote wireless control for $100 more.