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Mr. Peter Parker Interviews Greg Grease on Go 95.3

Greg Grease slid through the Go Studios today & talked to Mr. Peter Parker about how he got his name, upcoming shows & what he's listening to outside of the Minnesota music scene.

Posted by Go953MN on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Greg Grease recently joined Mr. Peter Parker on Go 95.3 to talk about upcoming shows and Minnesota’s current hip hop climate. The south side vet finished 2016 with his Motif ii EP, we wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have a few more up his sleeve. During the interview Grease speaks on how he got his name and artists he’s listening to outside of Minnesota. Check out the clip above and keep it locked for the next one.

Sophia Eris Joins Go95.3

Sophia Go95.3

Go 95.3 recently announced that Sophia Eris will be joining the team, awesome news for an artist whose worked a ton to hone her DJ skills. Sophia will now be a featured DJ on Go 95.3’s mix team, she’ll start this Friday at 9PM, make sure to tune in for her first mix.

Mr. Peter Parker Interviews Bobby Raps on Go 95.3

Bobby Raps on Go 95.3 with Mr. Peter Parker

Mr. Bobby Raps stopped by to talk to Mr. Peter Parker today. Watch the full interview here.

Posted by Go953MN on Thursday, January 7, 2016

GoMedia’s new modern hip hop station Go95.3 has had a great start with a ton of cameos and appearances during it’s first week. Driven by longtime DJ and radio personality, Mr. Peter Parker, Go95.3 promises relevant/trending hip hop music from artists on national and regional levels; certainly something Twin Cities hip hop lovers will greatly appreciate. Yesterday, Saint Paul’s own Bobby Raps stopped in to play a few records and talk Minnesota hip hop among other things. We’re super excited for this new station and all of the good things it’s sure to bring, check out Parker’s interview with Bobby Raps above and be on the look out for more.