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In Theaters Today….

Starting today movie-goers can see some big summer flicks opening on the big screen. First up is the new comedy Pixels with Adam Sandler (Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds), Kevin James (The King of Queens, Grown Ups), Michelle Monoghan (Eagle Eye, True Detective), Josh Gad (21, The Wedding Ringer), and Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, Game of Thrones). As I’m sure you are aware, Sandler and company will be joining up to defend Earth from an alien invasion of Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Stupid? Yes, but so was Happy Gilmore, Austin Powers, and Hot Tub Time Machine, and they were all hilarious, so don’t be too quick to judge. Also opening in theaters today is the new boxing drama from Sons of Anarchy writer Kurt Sutter, Southpaw, with Jake Gyllenhaal (October Sky, Prisoners), Rachel McAdams (The Time Traveler’s Wife, Wedding Crashers), and Forest Whitaker (Phone Booth, The Last King of Scotland). This one is definitely not your easy-going comedy like Pixels, but with Kurt Sutter behind the pen and a strong cast line-up it should turn out to be a good watch. Enjoy the weekend!

New Comedy ‘Pixels’ Opening In Theaters This Friday

No doubt you’ve noticed all the new commercial space being added for the upcoming comedy Pixels with Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Click) and Kevin James (The King of Queens, Grown Ups). The movie is opening on big screens across the country this Friday (July 24th) from director Chris Columbus (The Goonies, Home Alone) and screenwriters Tim Herlihy (The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy) and Timothy Dowling (Role Models, Just Go With It). Also starring in the movie is Michelle Monoghan (Eagle Eye, True Detective), Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, Game of Thrones), and Josh Gad (Love & Other Drugs, The Wedding Ringer), and special appearances by Brian Cox (Braveheart, The Bourne Supremacy), Sean Bean (GoldenEye, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring), and comedy veteran Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers). The movie will also include your favorite video game characters (like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong), as they are sent to Earth by aliens to invade the planet and wipe-out the human race!! Stupid? Yes. Hilarious….definitely!! The trailer is available here on MADE. Enjoy!!

Action Bronson LIVE @ The Cabooze


Location: 917 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Friday, June 19th @ 7:30PM

After cancelling his show that was originally scheduled for May 15th, Action Bronson is back on the road. Nothing has changed in regards to the event, DJ Alchemist and Meyhem Lauren will both play as planned. This one’s 18+ and tickets are still available for $30, click the link below to grab yours now.

Action Bronson Tickets

Watch The New Trailer For ‘Pixels’ With Adam Sandler And Kevin James

You’ve probably started to see TV-spots for the upcoming comedy Pixels with Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy) and Kevin James (The King of Queens, Grown-Ups) on your flat-screens. We first caught wind of this project about a year ago when it was announced that Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye, True Detective) and Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, Game of Thrones) would also be joining the cast, and with the movie still scheduled to open in theaters this July 24th, the crew is now full-swing in post production. Harry Potter and Home Alone director Chris Columbus is leading the project with a script from Timothy Dowling (Just Go With It, This Means War) and Tim Herlihy (Mr. Deeds, Grown-Ups 2), written from a short by Patrick Jean. If you’ve seen the TV-spots then you get the premise: video-game heros like Donkey Kong and Pac Man come to Earth as an alien species and begin to go “Godzilla” on the human race. Pretty hilarious idea; so much so that I think it may actually be worth seeing in theaters. Enjoy!

Action Bronson – Baby Blue (Video)

With the official release of his album, Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson has decided to release a new video for his track “Baby Blue.” Bronson once again crafts a hilarious music video with a parody of Eddie Murphy’s classic comedy, Coming To America. With cameos from Big Body, strong-woman Jill Rudison, and Chance The Rapper; the video makes for quite the entertaining experience. “Baby Blue” is an early crowd favorite from Mr. Wonderful, you can expect to hear this track a lot throughout the upcoming summer. Check out the official music video above and be on the look out for more from Action Bronson.

Action Bronson – Baby Blue Ft. Chance The Rapper


As we enter March, the anticipation for Action Bronson’s debut album, Mr. Wonderful, is reaching a fever pitch. In the last month, Bronsolini has dropped 4 tracks from off of the album and they’re all really good. For the 4th single, Bronson enlists the help of Chicago’s own Chance The Rapper who puts forth a solid hook and verse. Action flares direction and substance with this track, sometimes his songs sound like awesomely insane action movie fantasies; this record follows a path. With Mr. Wonderful due out March 24th, you’ve got to wonder if he has any more tricks up his sleeves. Check out “Baby Blue” below and be on the look out for more from Action Bronson.

Action Bronson – Actin Crazy (Video)

With the release of his upcoming project, Mr. Wonderful, right around the corner; Action Bronson has released the video for his lead single “Actin Crazy”. The video plays just like you would have imagined, Action actually brings to life some of his most recent album artwork. The video is more proof of just how dynamic Bronson can be, his music videos are never alike and they’re always pretty ridiculous (in a good way). Check out the visual for “Actin Crazy” above and be on the look out for Mr. Wonderful.

Action Bronson – Terry


The man, the myth, Action Bronson recently dropped a new single from off of his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful. Entitled “Terry” and produced by The Alchemist, Action seems right at home over the soulfully jazzy instrumental . The follow up to “Easy Rider” and “Actin Crazy”, “Terry” sees Bronsolini’s word play in peak form, the Queens MC really knows how to attack the mic. Nonchalant with his verses, Action continues to be one of my favorites in the game today. Check out “Terry” above and be on the look out for more as we get closer to Mr. Wonderful‘s March 24th release date.

Action Bronson – Actin’ Crazy


Action Bronson recently dropped some newness titled “Actin Crazy.” Bronson has been awfully busy as of late between his Vice powered show, Fuck, That’s Delicious, music, and his full time touring schedule. The man, the myth, sounds remarkably fit on “Actin Crazy”, he clearly hasn’t lost a step during his hiatus. Bronsolini’s colorful flow is in full form, dropping bar after bar on the 40 & Omen produced record. Check out “Actin Crazy” below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Action Bronson.

Fuck, That’s Delicious w/ Action Bronson: Taxi Cab Confessions, Basketball & Blunts

It’s been awhile since Action Bronson and Munchies dropped a new episode, but they’ve finally answered the calls with episode 8 of Fuck, That’s Delicious. In this episode, Action & Big Body travel NYC with their local cabby in search of some of the city’s best late night eats. Blunts abound, they even make a pit stop for some late night hoops amid the haze. We have to commend Munchies and Bronsolini, these episodes have become increasingly entertaining; check out part 8 above and keep an eye out for more.