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GRRRL PRTY Hats Re-Stocked

If you live in Minneapolis or have gone to a GRRRL PRTY show, then you have no doubt seen one of these hats being worn. It appears the crew re-stocked their hats and will be offering both the beanies & the snap backs via their web-store. The beanies are $30 and the snap backs are going for $35, if you want all the way in you can get a personalized snap back for $45. Click the link below if you’ve been trying to get your hands on one.


First Avenue’s Best New Bands 2013


Location: 701 First Avenue N, Minneapolis
When: Thursday, January 30th @ 7PM

Radio K and The Current will be linking up to bring together “First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013” tonight. The lineup for this one is absolutely stacked and features GRRRL PRTY, Allan Kingdom & Black Diet among others. The event is 18+ and is only $7 bucks, if you know like we know; you’ll definitely be at this one. Click the link below for tickets and stay tuned for more.

First Avenue’s Best New Bands 2013 Tickets

GRRRL PRTY V Hosted By Dessa

grrl prty

Location: 2528 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis
When: Friday, January 10th @ 10:30PM

As if we weren’t thirsty for another one, GRRRL PRTY will be killing Icehouse’s stage once again tonight. “Special Guests” will be accompanying the ladies while Dessa takes on the hosting duties. Tickets are only $10 and they will definitely sell out so you should cop yours NOW.

GRRRL PRTY Day: Lizzo Interviews Chance The Rapper (Pre Acid Rap

A lot of people may not know, but Chance The Rapper hooked up with Lizzo waaay back in Dec 2012 (Not that long ago) for his first headlining show in Minneapolis. She opened for the Chicago native before the shared success that both artists have since experienced. Peep the video above, stay tuned for more as GRRRL PRTY Day continues here at MADE.

GRRRL PRTY Day: Mike Mictlan Ft. Manchita, P.O.S & Spyder

One of our favorite tracks from awhile back, Mike Mictlan enlists the help of GRRRL PRTY’s La Manchita along with P.O.S & Spyder for his track “Let Me Know”. The record appeared on Mike’s album “SNAXXX”, peep the track above and keep an eye out for more GRRRL PRTY.

GRRRL PRTY Day: The Best Love is Free 4 (Ep.4) Sophia Eris & Freinds

About a year ago, Adam Dunn film Sophia Eris & Lizzo among others during a jam sessions for “The Best Love is Free’s” 4th installment. Real artists at work, peep the video above and stay tuned for more.


One of their earlier songs to catch fire was “Wegula,” which was filmed by the man Adam Dunn. The song bumps live like every other, and is definitely catchy to say the least. Make sure to press play and continue to follow as GRRRL PRTY Day continues.

GRRRL PRTY Day “Batches & Cookies” Lizzo & Sophia Eris

Last September, Lizzo released the visuals for her track “Batches & Cookies” off of her LazerBeak produced EP “LIZZOBANGERS”. The track features Sophia Eris and the all too tasty donuts from Glam Doll. Check it out above and stay tuned for more.

GRRRL PRTY Day “Night Watch”

For our 3rd “Artists Day” we decided to feature the girls from GRRRL PRTY, they’ve pretty much dominated MPLS’ music scene during the 2nd half of the year. Whether it’s Lizzo, Manchita or Sophia Eris (shout out the DJ Ms. Blowtorch), GRRRL PRTY has it goin on. If you didn’t know today you’ll get familiar, peep the single “Night Watch”.