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Travis Gorman – It’s Me

Travis Gorman has been having a good year. Over the first 9 months, the producer, who doubles as a DJ; has worked some of the largest stages in Minnesota and a few outside the state. Everything from Soundset to Red Bull Sound Selects across the map, his ties to Finding Novyon and the local Twin Cities hip hop scene are paying dividends. Gorman took to Soundcloud earlier today to release a new instrumental titled, “It’s Me.” Smooth as ever, the track coasts along nicely, one can imagine a variety of flows attacking the friendly beat. No word on if this one will ever manifest into an actual recording, for now roll one up and press play. Thank us later.

John Shrimpnose – 7 Ate 9

John Shrimpnose recently took to Soundcloud to release a new instrumental dubbed “7 ate 9.” Dark and grungy yet vibrant, “7 ate 9” is a melting pot of sounds. Shrimp is building his catalog at an alarming rate, each release solidifies his sound within Minneapolis’ scene. Definitely one to sit back and blaze to, check out “7 ate 9” above and keep an eye out for more from John Shrimpnose.

Travis Gorman – Purple (Funk)

Travis Gorman took to Twitter yesterday to release a new instrumental via his Soundcloud. Titled “Purple” the record is jazzy yet super funky at the same time, a hard bass line holds the pieces together as the sample plays. No word on if there are any plans for this track, but you can bet there’s a lot more where it came from. Peep “Purple” above and stay tuned for more from Travis Gorman.

Noosance “DEATHWISH”


A while back we received a beat tape all the way from southern Cali featuring producer Noosance. Titled DEATHWISH, the 10 track project shows off a variety of sounds suitable for a range of different styles. Although some of the instrumentals are a bit repetitive, most of them have a solid sound that can no doubt be worked on upon buying/leasing. The current landscape of hip hop permits this type of range in sounds and Noosance does a good job encapsulating that. Check out DEATHWISH below and send Noosance an e-mail at the link below if you’re interested.


John Shrimpnose – Mild Soup

The homie John Shrimpnose recently took to Soundcloud to release a new instrumental dubbed “Mild Soup.” The short cut embodies it’s title well as the chill, reserved instrumental crawls along. Production for a true wordsmith, “Mild Soup” is one that can bring out the lyricism in even the most pedestrian of MCs. Check out “Mild Soup” above and make sure to be on the look out for more from John Shrimpnose.

aso. (Aric Ogle)

After recently discovering the LA producer, it is quite clear what his intentions are. Influenced by the jazzy beats like J Dilla and Nujabes, Aric possesses the quality of heart felt rhythms much like his predecessors before him had. Thick textures filled with original instruments, such as the piano, guitar and drums – Aric stands out as one of the realist producers. Press play and vibe out.


[MADE] Recap of “Foolish Bastard” @ The Kitty Kat Club | 2.20.15

Light_16– The Rotation 
Light_12– Devon Reason
Light_21– sloslylove

This past Friday, we made our way into the Kitty Kat Club for the ‘Foolish Bastard’ event. The night featured: BitsBits, bvckwoods, Finding Novyon (w/The Rotation), and sloslylove. On what seemed to be a ‘quieter’ cold night in Minneapolis, The Kitty Kat Club made out to be a solid evening filled with good energy and music. The night was capped of by highlighting yet another dope performance from Finding Novyon and The Rotation, followed by sloslylove’s super chill instrumentals to close out the night.

Didn’t make it to the show? Thumb through some pics and stay tuned for more recaps by MADE.

BitsBits | bvckwoods | Finding Novyon | sloslylove |

⚜MUSH⚜ – Nero At The Orgy

One of our favorite upcoming producers in the past year, has been MUSH. Once again, he has released another mind bending track titled, “Nero At The Orgy”. It has been a minute since we have shared the Kentucky natives music;  so if your not familiar with his style, go ahead and press play. Chopped up samples all carefully crafted into swirling melodies, all coupled with heavy hitting bass – MUSH continues to create some of the freshest sounds around.

Sloslylove “The Haunted” (#11 Top 14 Albums of 2014)


Eau Claire producer Sloslylove has been making a lot of moves this year stemming from the release of his album The Haunted, back in July. The electro, chill-wave esque vibe of the album sets Slylove apart from some of Minneapolis’ other up and coming producers, as his records tend to incorporate a good amount of depth. Not one of The Haunted’s 11 tracks misses a beat, making the album an easy listen from front to back. As our list heads into the top 10, take a minute to check out Sloslylove’s The Haunted below, and stay tuned for more.

Producer Ridley Scott Will Not Direct ‘Blade Runner 2’

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner (1982)

With Exodus: Gods and Kings opening in theaters December 12th, director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Robin Hood), will be turning more attention to his upcoming release with Matt Damon, The Martian. It was also announced earlier this year that the director would return for a follow-up to his iconic sci-fi film Blade Runner (1982), but now it seems that he will only be serving as co-writer and producer for the project. It’s been rumored that Michael Green (Green Lantern) will also be writing the script and that original writer Hampton Francher will not return. Harrison Ford is also expected to reprise his original role of Rick Deckard for a portion of the film, but there has been no news of any other returning roles. Blade Runner received two Oscar nominations in 1983 for Best Set Decoration and Best Visual Effects, and was praised among various film societies that year including the New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and the London Critics Circle. Ridley Scott is not only working on wrapping up The Martian, but also serving as producer or executive producer on more than fifteen upcoming film or television projects, so one can understand why he might not want to step in or even be able to fit filming into his schedule, but seeing as Blade Runner is one of his most memorable films, this kind of comes as a big surprise. Hopefully a worthy director will step in to pick up the mantle. Stay tuned.