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Philly’s Best

Philly's Best 1
Philly's Best 2
Philly's Best 3

Location: 907 W Belmont Ave, Chicago
P: 773-525-7900
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-Midnight, Sat-Sun: 11AM-2AM

Philly’s Best is hands down one of the best restaurants that offer the Philly style cheese steak in the Chicago area. There are 3 locations, but our go to is the one on Belmont avenue; situated between Sheffield avenue & Clark street in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Once inside, any true philly steak enthusiast will quickly notice the authenticity of this place’s attitude; in comparison to OG steak places in Philly (Pat’s & Geno’s). The sandwiches themselves stack right up to the originals and they serve some pretty good pizza as well, if you’re on a budget don’t worry; you’ll leave full for about $10. If you’re ever near Wrigleyville or the Lincoln Park area i’d highly recommend a visit, you definitely wont be disappointed.

Mayslack’s Bar


Photo By: Ed KhoelerThe Original Roast Beef Sandwich

Photo By: Becky S


Talk about a dive bar at its finest. These guys have local music playing weekly, great drink specials, and the best of all, greasy one of a kind bar food. The establishment started in 1955 by Stan Myslajek a former pro-wrestler. Stan created a gigantic garlic-infused roast beef sandwich which has not changed much to this day. The sandwich is absolutely HUGE, I mean it takes a real man to stomach one of these down. While just about all of the food delivered in-front of me looked delicious; the pizza, the nachos, and other sandwiches, when the decision came I had to go with the original. I won’t be the first to say it but. . . “Nobody Beats Mayslack’s Meats!

Check out www.mayslackbar.com for their monthly band list and upcoming events.

Giordano’s Officially Open in Uptown (Minneapolis)

Location: 2700 Hennepin Avenue S, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-2:30PM, 4:30PM-Midnight (?)
P: 612-444-3143

Legendary Chicago pizzeria, Giordano’s, is NOW OPEN in Minneapolis. The restaurant has taken up shop at 2700 Hennepin, exciting news for pizza lovers…Not so much for Green Mill. As a former Chicagoan, I’d argue that Giordano’s is far from Chicago’s best; but it will definitely fill the void for those looking to go big on pizza. They were insanely busy their first couple of weeks with wait times exceeding 2 hours for delivery (had to try), but business should be settled to a manageable pace by now. Click the link below to check out their official website.

Giordano’s Minneapolis

Show You Suck LIVE @ Double Door (Riot Fest Showcase)

Show You Riot

Location: 1551 N Damen Avenue, Chicago
When: Saturday, April 11th @ 6PM

With Chicago’s summer festival season right around the corner, Riot Fest, the Chicagoist, and Double Door have announced a showcase featuring Show You Suck. The actual Riot Fest isn’t until mid-September, but there’s no reason not to be getting excited. Gut Rot and 100Trill will open up the night, this one’s all ages and advance tickets are only $7 ($10 @ Door). Click the link below to grab your tickets.

Show You Suck x Riot Fest Showcase Tickets

3D Printer Food Appliances are HERE

For you lazy bastards that prefer the ultimate choice of laziness (hey why not), the 3D printer appliance is available for your kitchen for just 1,000 euros. From just the click of a button, you can have pizza, cookies, pasta, and jelly. As of right now it mostly prints foods that are flatter, less in volume. There was a famous scientist/theorist that said everyone will have one in their kitchen in 30 years, and this was some time ago. I cannot remember whom it was, but he is spot on. Just wait, the next step we will have 3D printing appliances, that print appliances. That’s right, you heard it here first.


Show You Suck – Girls, Nachos

“Tale of 2 Cities” is in the works and in celebration we decided to post one of our favorite tracks from Show You Suck’s “Girls Girls Girls EP”. If you haven’t listened to “One Man Pizza Party 4” yet make sure you go do that, “Tale of 2 Cities” is COMING SOON and will feature a compilation of tracks from some of our favorite Chicago artists. Stay Tuned.

Show You Suck – One Man Pizza Party 4 (Mixtape)


Show You Suck has released the 4th and final chapter to his “One Man Pizza Party” series of mixtapes. The series has gotten Show a lot of notoriety over the last couple years, so much that the good guys over at MishkaNYC decided to release the mixtape via their blog. If you checked out the tracklist that we posted yesterday, you’ll quickly notice that most of the songs on this tape are remixes of songs that were featured on the other “One Man Pizza Party” tapes. OMPP4 features production from notable producers like Thelonius Martin, Hood Internet, Cardo, Lazerbeak & Mike Jaxx so it’s safe to say that this shit bumps. Check out the last pizza party and stay tuned for some visuals and show dates from Show You Suck.

Show You Suck Releases Tracklist

Show You Suck Track List

Show You Suck will be releasing the 4th and final installment of his “One Man Pizza Party” series of mixtapes tomorrow, July 23rd; today he’s released the tracklist via Twitter. Above we see production by Thelonius Martin, Stefan Ponce, The Hood Internet, Cardo & Mike Jaxx among others with Show’s signature colorful name titles like Mom Jeans 2.0, Clam Chowder Soup & Carne Asada. Most of these songs are direct remixes or second versions of songs that have been released throughout the mix tape series. Stay tuned for OMPP4 tomorrow.

Show You Suck – Flip Phone


A little late on this one, but the other day Show You Suck decided to release this new track “Flip Phone” after the success of “Mom Jeans 2.0”; both of which are supposed to be on his upcoming mixtape One Man Pizza Party 4 (OMPP4). Things seem to be going well for Show, he has been killing shows on a consistent basis, his singles are blowing up and he’s about to release a mixtape through MishkaNYC. Be on the look out for Show’s episode of JBTV and get pumped for that OMPP4, 3 days!

Show You Suck – Mom Jeans (Prod. Hood Internet)

Show You Suck Mom Jeans

Yesterday, Show You Suck dropped the 2.0 version of his coveted “Mom Jeans” track from the mix tape “One Man Pizza Party 2”. This time around The Hood Internet is providing a banger of a beat, while Show raps some raps reminiscent of the original; but still super fresh. Play this at the next party you go to and make sure to stay tuned for that One Man Pizza Party 4 which will be out July 23rd.