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Noisey Meets: Cam Kirk

Viceland recently released the second episode of their Noisey series, this installment took a closer look at Atlanta’s ever-rising hip hop scene. Once one of the city’s best kept secrets, photographer Cam Kirk has seen great success over the last few years photographing/documenting some of Atlanta’s most prominent artists. Vice coupled the release of their Atlanta episode with a chat with Cam, check out the video above and keep an eye out for more.

Gunner Stahl Photography

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Over the last couple of years, Gunner Stahl has risen the ranks as one of the youngest and best of the up and coming generation of photographers. From special events to candid backstage photos of everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kanye West, Gunner has built up quite the portfolio. Born Jonathan Simmons, the Atlanta based artist is a member of Two-9, a crew that has become a force to reckon with all on it’s own. Stahl is specifically known for snapping pictures of artists/people in one of a kind moments, the off stage pictures often being some of his best. Check out his photography above and click the links below to check out his website.


[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Rustic

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Art-a-Whirl15_5 copy

Art-a-Whirl15_3 copy

With our very final edit from The Coastal Cruz series, we present Rustic. As we traveled the abandoned Nazi camp in California, we came across some very unique rusted metal remains of what used to be. Collapsed fortresses, to tons and tons of metal – there was a sense of tranquility throughout the land that once was.

The Coastal Cruz || The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes  || The Coastal Cruz Landscapes: pt.2 ||

The Coastal Cruz: The Forest || The Coastal Cruz: Nightfall ||The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.1 || The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.2 ||

By: Vogz

[MADE] Eyes in the sky

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Nothing like a cool-warm night in the city. Take a deep breath and soak it all in. As small as this city might be, it sure is beautiful. The alien like spaceship Capella Tower accompanied by the reflecting lights of Target – it doesn’t get much better than this spot. Here we are and it it’s on to the next one.


By: Vogz

Adam DeGross Captures Soundset 2014

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After winning 2013’s “Best Concert Photographer” award, Adam DeGross continues doing what he does best. As we all know, Soundset 2014 was fuckin awesome. Amidst the drinks, blunts and whatever else people were taking; it’s great to have photographers like Adam who completely capture the best moments. For most the day was a blur, but thanks to Adam DeGross’ amazing work, you can relive the festival forever. Above you’ll see the likes of 2 Chains, Wiz Khalifa, Earl Sweatshirt, Prof and Nas among others. Click the link below for the full album.

Adam DeGross Capture Soundset

Dana Kim Captures The Internet

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A few days ago, we were blessed with the link to Dana Kim’s Flickr page. Currently a graphic designer, photographer and all around bad ass residing in Minneapolis; Dana is quietly emerging as one of the city’s fresh lenses. Whether it’s an awesome party, concert or a landscape, her photos have a weird way of looking fluid; almost as if you could simply press play. Check out her photos from The Internet’s show at Triple Rock above and make sure to click the links below for more pics and info.

All photos by Dana Kim
Dana Kim Flickr
Dana Kim Tumblr

Aled Lewis – Real Life vs. Video Games

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British photographer Aled Lewis recently posted a dope new project to his website. Lewis specializes in animation that’s often of the 8/16-bit variety, this time around he’s decided to blend traditional photography with a few classics you may remember from back in the day. Excitebike, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and even SkiFree (props if you know about that) are among those included, peep the pics above and click the link below for more.


Adam DeGross Wins Best Twin Cities Music Photographer 2014


Adam DeGross recently won the City Pages’ Best Twin Cities Music Photographer with a whopping 35% of the entire vote. After narrowing the competition down to 20 finalists, 3,000 votes helped to confirm that Adam DeGross is indeed the Twin Cities’ best concert photographer. Click the link below to check out some of Adam’s work and keep an eye out for more from him as the shows come and go.

Facebook: Adam DeGross

Adam DeGross Captures “Make Some Noise”

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All Photos shot by Adam DeGross

Photographer Adam DeGross caught a bunch of dope pictures during Sean Anonymous & DJ Name’s “Make Some Noise”. Check out a few of the pics and click the link below if you want to see the full album.

Adam DeGross “Make Some Noise” Photos