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Jugrnaut OG Shield Beanie

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The good people from Jugrnaut recently released a new round of hats to get everyone through these final winter months. This time they’ve decided to utilize their “OG Shield” logo on knitted skull caps, some of which are fashioned with Gore Tex. These are available now in a variety of colors, $24 for the regular ones and $34 for the Gore Tex upgrades. Click the link below for a better look.

Jugrnaut “OG Shield” Beanies

New Jugrnaut Tees

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Jugrnaut recently stocked a couple of new tees on their webstore. The “OG Shield” tee is now available in white, while they’ve also released their new “Drama” tees and hoodies in black and red. If you’re interested, you can cop these now, click the link below to check out Jugrnaut’s webstore.

Jugrnaut Webstore

Jugrnaut OG “Shield” Tee Restocked

Jugrnaut showed a lot of love last week with multiple sales for everyone dying to get there hands on some new gear. This week it appears they’ve decided to restock their classic OG Shield T-shirts in limited quantities. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen these and they also announced that they will only release them once a year from here on out. These are still available now for $34 via their web-store or at the shop downtown, click the link below if you’re interested in ordering.

Jugrnaut OG Shield Tee