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Sheffield’s Bar

Sheff 2

Location: 3258 N Sheffield Avenue, Chicago
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-2AM, Sat: 11AM-3AM, Sun: 11AM-Midnight

The bar scene in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood is known for being rowdy, a little pretentious, and at times, feeling like the bro capital of the world. Most of the bars on the Clark Street strip will be packed to capacity on Friday and Saturday nights and if there’s a game, you can count on 2-3 times the crowd on the streets. Sheffield’s is like an oasis. In the midst of so much drunken debauchery, lies a cool, laid back bar with great food and an even better beer menu. They have what feels like 4 separate bars, each of which is fitted with multiple big screen TVs; and a huge outdoor area with it’s own bar. This place can get pretty wild from time to time, but the bros and yuppies tend to stay away; leaving an atmosphere filled with peace and girls that aren’t being harassed at every turn.

IceDude – Living Life


This morning I woke up and decided that it was time to sift through the dauntingly large stack of submissions sent our way. As I pressed play on IceDude’s “Living Life”, a euphoric instrumental began to blare through my headphones leading into an ultra feel good hook. Sold within the first minute, I could definitely see myself cruising the lakes to this record. IceDude’s upcoming project Tales of a Hippie is due out on 4/20, peep the track below and stay tuned for more.