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First Glow-In-The-Dark Highway Opens In The Netherlands

What was only a concept idea in 2012, is now a reality in 2014. Highway N329 in the Netherlands, now features a 500 meter stretch of highway that is the world’s first glow-in-the-dark road. The idea behind the road was thought up by the dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde to help save money and time. How exactly does this work? Well, Daan has implemented glow-in-the-dark paint into the roads that soaks up the sunlight and glows for up to 10 hours during the night. It isn’t disclosed how much this project cost them, but it is really cool this is starting to happen. If you want to learn more about the road, feel free to watch this brief video of Daan showcasing the highway and other brilliant ideas for the future.

Paul De Ruiter – Carbon-Neutral Home

This one of a kind home is designed by architect, Paul De Ruiter. This home is built on a tourist destination in the Netherlands, which is popular for its agriculture and wildlife. The home itself is built rather simply, but a simple design is said to be a good design. The home recycles its own waste, heats by itself, and runs off of a nearby windmill.  The dwelling may not look like much from pictures, but bolds to be 2,400 square meters and took 4 to 5 years to complete. This home is pretty crazy. Check out more from Paul on his site, he is known worldwide for his one of a kind architecture.