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Masu Sushi and Robata


Where: 330 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414
Hours:  monday–thursday 11am–12am | friday 11am–1am |saturday 4pm–1am |sunday 4pm–11pm

Standing right in the heart of downtown NE lies Masu. After passing by Masu well over a dozen times, we finally made our way inside for some sake and noodles. After entering the restaurant, we couldn’t help but notice the unique layout. In the center of the restaurant, there is an enormous curved bar followed by a handful of neon bright Pachinko games tucked in the back corner. If you are looking for more of an intimate setting, the left side of the restaurant has just what you need.

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Masu has it all really: it is an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with delicious food, great sake, and an attentive staff. When it comes down it it, we plan to be back for seconds. Most importantly, If you’re looking for a decent bowl of pork belly ramen – look no farther.


Bauhaus Brew Labs


Bauhaus Brew Labs. Aesthetically pleasing, tasty brews, all tucked neatly in the heart of the Brew District (NE Minneapolis). If you were to ask me what my favorite brewery is to attend, it is now Bauhaus Brew Labs. With open space, a large covered outdoor area with lights hanging overhead; it is the perfect place to go with larger groups.


Bauhaus also has an outdoor/indoor stage for live music, board games, bag toss, and a kid play area. These are all things that make this brewery unique to the scene around it. Just a block down from 612 Brew, placed alongside the railroad tracks, Bauhaus Brew Labs is just the new brewery we needed to liven up the brewery scene yet again.



Hazels Northeast


Where: 2859 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Hours: M-TH 7am-9pm | F-SAT 7am-10pm | SUN 8am-3pm |

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in NE, lies Hazel’s. Hazel’s serves up home-style cooking with some of the finest ingredients around Minneapolis. Whether you are looking for their famous pancakes, or want to indulge in their lunch/dinner menu – Hazel’s has it all.

The establishment itself is relatively small, but they will serve even the largest of appetites. Lastly, the place has really good happy hour specials, which include $3 taps and $2 appetizers. If you are coming in for lunch, we recommend the Audobon sandwich – it is full of delicious cheese, turkey and ham, all served on cranberry wheat bread.

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Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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Location: 2506A Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418
Hours: M/W/TH: 4-11 | TU: CLOSED | FR: 4-12 | SA: 12-12 | SU: 12-9

Last year, Fair State Brewing Cooperative emerged in Northeast Minneapolis. The co-op brewery is Minnesota’s first, and also happens to be one of the very few in the United States. Everything about the brewery is community driven, as they offer a variety of benefits.

What exactly does a co-op brewery have to offer, you might ask? Well, quite a bit if you want to purchase a share of the brewery and become a member. The cost, $200. If you are a beer nerd, this is actually a VERY fair price. Members will have first dibs on new releases, special discount on happy hours, the ability to have recipe input and voting rights within the brewery (and many other features). For the full article and definition listings, click HERE. Also, if you aren’t a Minnesota resident, don’t bother trying to buy a share, because you must be a resident.


[MADE] Brew of the Week

StillwaterSpring (14 of 14) copy

This week we are back with another brew of the week. Meanwhile, as winter creeps in the picture, don’t let it slow down your craving for a summery saison. Out of all the saisons and craft beers i’ve had, the guys from Insight Brewery hang with the best.

This saison is brewed while using sauv blanc grapes and zesty belgian yeasts to make for one hell of a refreshing brew. With a mixture of citrus fruits, sauv blanc grapes and spices – Insight’s Sunken City is not only complex, but very drinkable. Sitting at 7.8% ABV, this Saison makes sure you get what you pay for.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Troll Way – Citra IPA 

Little over a week ago, we finally made our way over to Insight Brewery in NE., MPLS. After the visit, we found a delicious IPA, which can now be found in stores.

Grabbing a growler and finishing this one in one sitting, was no problem. The West Coast Styled IPA, is refreshing to say the least. Full of tropical fruit flavors and hints of lemon zest – this brew would go down easy as a day beer. Sitting at a solid 7% ABV, you can expect a bit of buzz after finishing a jug of this brew. Keep your eyes open locally and make sure to grab yourself some Troll Way.

By: KVogz

[MADE] The Connection

Slicing through Minneapolis, the Canadian Pacific makes its way through quite often, reaching as far as the KC MO area. From here, one of the railroads major traffic stops finds its way in heart of the city of Minneapolis.

From the miles of railroad to the freshest graffiti in the city, it is something worth exploring on its own. The Canadian Pacific ties in the upper midwest by transporting goods through MN, SD, ND, IA, IL, MO, WY, WI and a variety of provinces (to name a few) – thus creating an immediate connection to our brothers to the north. Operating since the 1800’s and headquartered in MPLS, it is a large part history that can be overlooked by many who witness the ancient railroad system.

By: Vogz

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– Lost Soul-4DK

Unknown, guerrilla 


By: Vogz

Grumpy’s limited Action Beer Festival


Where: 111 Washington Ave S., Minneapolis|  612.340.9738
When: 2pm | Saturday, November 8th 2014 |

Tonight, Grumpy’s will be having a random Limited Action Beer Festival. This event is free to attend, and is said to feature one-of-a-kind brews that may never surface ever again. . . so shit, make your way over to Grumpy’s. All breweries in attendance are MN based and are required to contain hand picked hops from Grumpy’s, wild rice, or something entirely different that is Minnesotan. The idea itself is something new and we expect a good turnout for the event.

The first 150 people will receive a commemorative tasting glass with a set of free tasting tickets. Early drunk gets the brew. 

Featured Breweries: 612Brew, Fulton Beer, Indeed Brewing, Mankato Brewing, Rush River Brewing, Sociable Cider Werks, Summit BrewingLift Bridge Brewery, Northgate Brewery and Excelsior Brewing.

Sociable Cider Werks

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Tap room hours|Th & F 4pm-10pm| Saturday noon-10pm|

Sociable Cider Werks | 1500 Fillmore St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 | (612) 758-0105

As Northeast Minneapolis continues to turn into the Brew District, Sociable Cider Werks has become a hot topic. The brewery, which opened up their taproom earlier this year, has some very rare and one of a kind beers on site.

Usually when I have a cider beer, I think great, another sugary beer that lacks that extra punch. Well, that won’t happen here, because Sociable Cider Werks brings a whole new meaning to brewing a cider. Each beer is well crafted using a variety of hops, spices and malts to create their beers. Instead of using apple flavorings, the guys at Sociable Cider Werks freshly press some of the freshest apples in North America. These apples include: the famous Haralson, Honeycrisp and SweeTango® varieties. Next time you are out in Northeast, try to stop by for some tasty brews.

Our two favorites: The Grapefruit Pale Ale and the Cider Stout. The grapefruit ale poured almost to the color of orange juice, but yet backed with some nice hops to make for one smooth drink. Meanwhile, the stout was more on the sour side. This made for an interesting stout-apple-sour beer, which has to be a one a kind.