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Mouse Sucks – WaitingonthatTxtfromPervana (Video)

After dropping his EP JustAteTheBootyAndIFeelGreat (!), Mouse Sucks has steadily released visuals from the album, the most recent being “WaitingonthatTxtfromPervana.” The oft-unabashed Mouse is a little more reserved on this record, but shows off a plethora of cadences with ease. A love story of sorts, Mouse professes what could be if only he got that text. Check out the video for “WaitingonthattextfromPervana” above and stay tuned for more from Mouse Sucks.

Mouse Sucks “Justatethebootyandifeelgreat”

The homie Mouse Sucks dropped his new EP, Justatethebootyandifeelgreat a couple of weeks back. Mouse is in rare form on this project, unabashed confessions, sexual frustrations and relationship issues are front and center. Otherworldly production paired with Mouse’s unadulterated lyrics combine into some shit you’ve definitely never heard before. Justatethebootyandifeelgreat actually feels like a proclamation, he’s not talking about eating the booty, he’s really telling us he just fuckin did. Check out the EP for yourself below and stay tuned for more from Mouse Sucks.

Mouse Sucks – Me Af/Bae Af

Mouse Sucks

In preparation for his upcoming project, the homie Mouse Sucks recently released a new track titled “Me Af/Bae Af.” Comprised of 2 tracks, the record is split down the middle with a spastic, possibly drug induced ode to his own weirdness; and an abstract, crawling croon. 2 completely different sounding instrumentals, Mouse not only shows off his vocal versatility, but also his production skills. Awkwardly catchy, but genuinely so and that’s why we like Mouse. Check out “Me Af/ Bae Af” below and keep an eye out for more from Mouse Sucks.

Capital Ode – Lemonade Moves Ft. Mouse Sucks

We recently received a new track from the Dojo all the way out in Brooklyn. NYC spitter Capital Ode’s new track,”Lemonade Moves,” features MADE favorite Mouse Sucks and packs quite the punch. Produced by Drum Fu, the synth’d out instrumental captures the essence of each artist as they cut through their verses. Capital Ode flashes a variety of flows congruent with NYC’s current transformation and Mouse Sucks puts forth one of his best verses to date. A solid track from 2 artists you should keep your eye on, check out “Lemonade Moves” above and stay tuned for more.

Mouse Sucks & Capital Ode – Free Money

Mouse Sucks & Capital Ode dropped some newness yesterday in the form of a new track titled “Free Money”. Cap & Mouse have good chemistry with each other on the track as they trade back and forth within verses. Similar but different, both artists are Canadian born New Yorkers who flash their own styles. Peep “Free Money” above and be on the look out for Capital Ode’s upcoming project A Land Before Time.

Mouse Sucks – 6ix


It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten some new music from Mouse Sucks, but that all changed a couple of days ago. Taking time to show off his production skills, Mouse samples Drake’s “0 to 100” on “6ix”. A laid back instrumental with heavy bass, “6ix” is a dope record to bounce too. Now if only Mouse hopped on the track, check out “6ix” above and keep an eye out for more.

All City Vol.1


Our compilation project, “All City” Vol.1; is finally here for all of your listening pleasure. Featuring artists including Show You Suck, Beasthead, Black Dave & Robot House among others; All City Vol.1 is meant to introduce people to genres/artists that they may be unfamiliar with. We hope you take a listen and enjoy our collection, keep an eye out for info regarding the “MADE” edition & the All City contest.

Jachary – Divas In Aisle 2 Ft. Mouse Sucks (Video)

Yesterday, the kid Mouse Sucks sent us a new track that features none other than himself over a dope instrumental produced by Jachary & Tony G. The track is off of Jachary’s upcoming beat tape Jachary Levine-Caleb From The Pluto Moons, while the visual was directed by Tony G & Dave Hoffman. Mouse is definitely finding his voice more and more, peep the video above and keep an eye out for more.