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Rich Lee X “1333”


About 2 weeks ago, Rich Lee X dropped his latest project in the form of 1333. The 6 track instrumental tape plays quickly at a full length just under 14 minutes. The project showcases Rich’s versatility with tracks like “Enter” contrasting tracks like “GodImFly”. Along the way you’ll hear bangers like “Know” mixed in between. Rich is definitely one to watch as the Summer gets into full effect, check out 1333 below and keep an eye out for more.

Alex Frecon “Music That Doesn’t Suck”

At the end of June, Minneapolis’ own Alex Frecon dropped a new project entitled Music That Doesn’t Suck for all of our listening pleasure. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect upon pressing play, but we were surprised in a good way once we began listening. The kid has a fresh sound, combining party-esque records with a certain level of lyricism to match. Right on time for the Summer, Music That Doesn’t Suck is perfect for any night at a party or day at the beach. The 7 tracks fly by at a short length of 23 mins, allowing for an easy front to back listen. Check it out above, stay tuned for more from Alex Frecon as the Summer continues to move along.

Roman Flowrs “#Denise”


Chicago emcee & producer, Roman Flowrs sent over his latest offering in the form of an instrumental tape. Inspired by his childhood memories of Saturdays with family and a quiet crush on Lisa Bonet’s character on The Cosby Show; the 5 track tape is a breathe of fresh air. After taking a small hiatus, Roman is back with #Denise, a tape that exudes an early 90s feeling much like Denise’s own music. Peep the record below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Roman Flowrs and the guys at Creative Seeds.

Finding Novyon “Where’s Novyon?” (LP)


As Minneapolis’ current Hip Hop landscape continues to transform from the “Rhymesayers” era into a more diverse sounding cast, the once calm Twin Cities’ streets are becoming more and more competitive. Musically, Minneapolis has always led the Twin Cities, but now St. Paul is even making a real push for national spotlight. Among a rising pool of talent, Finding Novyon is poised to make his presence known as one of the Twin Cities most promising up and comers.

The release of Where’s Novyon? marks a new chapter, nearly 2 years of sweat and tears culminating into a well-rounded piece of art. If you’ve been sleeping on the kid, this is your chance to wake the fuck up. Peep the new project below and make sure to stay tuned for more.

Closed Sessions: Mick Jenkins x Dally Auston x NoName Gypsy x Saba – Realer Than Most

Closed Sess

Yesterday, the good guys at Closed Sessions gave us all a first look into their upcoming compilation tape Closed Sessions Vol.3. Entitled “Realer Than Most”, the track features Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy and Saba; a lethal combination of some of Chicago’s up and coming wordsmiths. Produced by OnGaud, the record floats along with a heavy horn as each MC makes their own distinct mark. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for that Closed Sessions Vol.3.

Joey Aich “College D.egree”

College Degree

Super late with this one, but Joey Aich dropped his mix-tape College D.egree a little while back and the shit’s dope. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio (shouts out the fam) and studying at Denison University, Joey gives us a clear picture of his current place in life. From the cleverly titled first track “Coffee” to the grittier sounding “40 oz”, Joey exhibits a refreshing amount of growth throughout the project. No novice, this being his third effort, but there’s something to be said about evident steps in the right direction. You wont hear much bullshit on this, real raps from a real-life perspective. Peep College D.egree below and keep an eye out for more from Joey Aich.

Alex Wiley “Village Party”

Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley, one of Chicago’s brightest young artists; dropped his highly anticipated project Village Party today. Presented by the good guys at Closed Sessions, Village Party is a solid leap forward from Alex’s previous mix-tape Club Wiley. Although the latter was still good, the songs on Village Party have a certain level of depth that speaks volumes to his progression. The production is through the roof throughout the project, allowing Wiley to display his versatility with ease. Chicago’s going to have another crazy summer, the list of quality artist is growing long. Peep Village Party below and stay tuned for more from Alex Wiley; we’re sure some visuals are in the works.

Hyype “Divine Minded”


Chicago spitter Hyype recently dropped his debut project Divine Minded for all our listening pleasure. The tape spans 10 tracks and breezes by at a total length of about 27 minutes. Hyype definitely put his heart and soul into this one, working on the project for well over a year. The limited number of features is also nice, sometimes artists try to make their albums/tapes with all-star appearances; this often takes away from the artist them self. Lucki Eck$ provides back up on one track while Jace serves as the only other feature. It’s nice to see the kid grow, peep Divine Minded below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Hyype.

James Franken “Springing Forward”


As the city of Minneapolis’ Hip Hop scene continues to grow, St. Paul has began to emerge with it’s own wave of new talent on the rise. Among artists like Bobby Raps, Allan Kingdom and the guys from Egotic Records; we’ve began to notice a kid by the name of James Franken. Vogz originally put me on, then a few days ago his new album Springing Forward was sent our way. Upon listening I was quite surprised, we get a lot of sub-par music and this was definitely far….far from some of the BS that immediately hit’s our Recycle Bin. The album’s production is air tight with guys like Frankie Bash, Alejandro P and Prim.Cuts all offering up some ill instrumentals. James is no slouch either, his flow is something from yesteryear, precise and calculated with substance to go along. Peep the tape below and make sure to keep your eye on this kid, you’re sure to hear a lot more from him soon.

Ray LaCrooks “Too Soon To Tell”


Ray LaCrooks dropped his newest mix-tape, Too Soon To Tell, a couple of days back and it’s another well-rounded project. The tape sees features from Mike Dreams, Lisa Loneworf and Masani Soul with production from Wade B, Dirk Work and Born Into Royalty among others. The project is well balanced with tracks like the ever soulful “Freedom” and the murky feeling “Majestic’; yet the tape also holds a couple club bangers like “PYT”. Another step in the right direction for one of Minneapolis’ most promising up and coming artists, peep Too Soon To Tell below and be on the look out for more from Ray as the summer heats up.