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Hebru Brantley

Hebru 1
Hebru 2

When I first arrived in Chicago at the back end of 2008 i had absolutely no clue who Hebru Brantley was. I remember cruising along Milwaukee Avenue and seeing huge graffiti style murals of futuristic looking children wearing goggles, and wondering to myself “who the hell makes these?”. One day a friend of mine put me on to an art show and boom the connection was made, i now knew his name but the research had just began. A few years later and the man, the myth continues to be an internationally acclaimed artist with backing from some very prestigious people/companies: Jay Z, Nike, Lollapalooza and Life+Times to name a few. The South side native most recently was involved with a Nike sponsored pop up shop featuring his clothing line in conjunction with Lollapalooza weekend. One of the coolest things about Hebru is that he’s so in tune with the streets of Chicago and what’s going on in his city, i still have no idea how many of his pieces are sprinkled around the city; but it’s still amazing every time i stumble upon one. If you’ve never heard of Hebru Brantley click the link below and check out his website and stay tuned for his next event.

Hebru Brantley

Tito The Scumbag – Laced With The Scum

A few days ago we received a video from Milwaukee artist Tito The Scumbag. Unbeknownst to us prior to this visual, we were a tad apprehensive, but the vibe quickly sets in. Milwaukee’s current scene is bubbling with up and coming talent, so it’s nice to see a continued variety being offered. Produced by Deonte Neely, the pure rawness of the visual and track adds to it’s overall feel. Genuine music at it’s base, check out “Laced With The Scum” above and keep an eye out for more from Tito The Scumbag.

[MADE] Recap video – Ish DARR Live @ 7th Street Entry | 12.3.15

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Last week we were lucky enough to catch IshDARR live at 7th Street Entry for what turned out to be a good show. The bill featured Ish, Maolu, and TIIIIIIIIIIP among others, the only damper was the all ages designation. His first time back since his opening set for GoldLink, IshDARR didn’t waste much time getting into his fan favorites. Local up and comer Maolu also did his thing warming up, but again the only downfall was the all ages crowd… The type of crowd that’s kind of awkward to film/shoot. All in all the show was good and IshDARR and crew did their thing, check out some pics above and our recap video below.


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Sadly, Rodan in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood has closed it’s doors for good. Not many details regarding the reasons why, but the owners did release a statement saying that rent had increased by $2,000 and they “no longer had the fire” to run the place. Hopefully it’s not replaced by something like Urban Outfitters.

Legendary Rock Band The Rolling Stones Playing Live In Milwaukee, WI Tonight

The Rolling Stones pose with their Sticky Fingers LP in 1971: (left to right) Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger.

Tonight fans of the legendary rock n roll band The Rolling Stones will get to see the band play at the Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. The group was originally slated to appear in Chicago for their 2015 tour, but due to scheduling and location conflicts they had to move 90 minutes north to Milwaukee. That, however, didn’t stop iconic bluesman Buddy Guy, who just appeared at the Chicago Blues Fest, from opening for the group. Chicago fans will be making the trip this evening for the 8:00pm showtime. The show is part of the Stones’ Zip-Code Tour; they have thus far appeared in Pittsburgh, Nashville, Orlando, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Columbus, and still have dates set for Indianapolis, Kansas City, Detroit, and Buffalo. Rolling Stones fans can also catch the re-issue of their 1971 LP Sticky Fingers, featuring new unreleased material and studio out-takes, now available on iTunes, Spotify, Compact Disc or Vinyl. The album is regarded as one of the Rolling Stones best LPs, featuring songs like Brown Sugar and Wild Horses, and a cover photo that was originally conceived by iconic artist Andy Warhol; it is also the first album the Stones released to not feature founding member Brian Jones, who died in 1969 in his swimming pool shortly after being asked to leave the group due to his drug addiction, and subsequently the first LP to feature new member Mick Taylor on an entire album, and Mick Jagger playing acoustic and rhythm guitar. Pretty monumental for the Stones history, so be sure to check it out. Enjoy!

New Spike Lee Drama ‘Chiraq’ Begins Filming In Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood

Chicago Police investigate a shooting on Chicago’s southside.

Chicagoans may have noticed all the crazy traffic that surrounded the Wicker Park neighborhood today (June 2nd). The cause? Controversial film director Spike Lee (Malcolm X, Inside Man) is in town at the intersection of North and Milwaukee Avenue beginning principle photography for his new drama Chiraq. The film has already been the subject of much scrutiny owing to the implications of its title, and the graphic nature of the violence in Chicago that is expected to be the film’s main focus. Making up the cast are actors Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained), John Cusack (Hot Tub Time Machine, The Raven), Jeremy Piven (Old School, Entourage), Common (Now You See Me, Selma), and Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, Empire), with rapper Kanye West rumored to also be in the cast. Details on the plot are still pretty vague, but the film has been in production for sometime now, and this is likely only one location that will be used for film locations. The film is due out in theaters in 2016. Stay tuned.

Lorn – Acid Rain

If you still haven’t heard of the Milwaukee producer Lorn, WAKE UP. Lorn has been around for some years now, and in our opinion some of his best work is now surfacing. With newly released visuals to “Acid Rain” off of The Maze to Nowhere Part 2 – Lorn blends vocals beautifully into this dark and ominous  beat. The unique artist continues to provide some fresh music that sets himself apart from any other artist out there. Also, if you recognize the visuals, make sure to check out Beyond the Black Rainbow on Netflix

Klassik & Show You Suck LIVE w/ Sean Anonymous, Hurt Everybody & Auggie The 9th

Show Sean

Location: 533 E Center Street, Milwaukee
When: Thursday, August 7th @ 9PM

Tonight, the city of Milwaukee is in for a great show at The Mad Planet. Klassik & Show You Suck will be headlining with other performances including Sean Anonymous, Auggie The 9th and Hurt Everybody. Freshly BKD is the shit for putting this together, they should be commended. Minneapolis & Chicago uniting in Milwaukee for 1 night, the event is 21+ (sorry kids) and tickets are only $7. If you’re in the Chi you can still make it well before show time, seriously though.

Glow Mechanics June Mini-Tour

Glow Mechanics

The homies Glow Mechanics are finishing up they’re mini-tour through the Midwest this weekend. They’ll return to Chicago tomorrow for a show at Jerry’s. The homecoming is June 14th @ Triple Rock, if you happen to be in Chicago tomorrow you should definitely head out to the show; you’ll thank us later.