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Masu Sushi and Robata


Where: 330 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414
Hours:  monday–thursday 11am–12am | friday 11am–1am |saturday 4pm–1am |sunday 4pm–11pm

Standing right in the heart of downtown NE lies Masu. After passing by Masu well over a dozen times, we finally made our way inside for some sake and noodles. After entering the restaurant, we couldn’t help but notice the unique layout. In the center of the restaurant, there is an enormous curved bar followed by a handful of neon bright Pachinko games tucked in the back corner. If you are looking for more of an intimate setting, the left side of the restaurant has just what you need.

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Masu has it all really: it is an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with delicious food, great sake, and an attentive staff. When it comes down it it, we plan to be back for seconds. Most importantly, If you’re looking for a decent bowl of pork belly ramen – look no farther.


Bauhaus Brew Labs


Bauhaus Brew Labs. Aesthetically pleasing, tasty brews, all tucked neatly in the heart of the Brew District (NE Minneapolis). If you were to ask me what my favorite brewery is to attend, it is now Bauhaus Brew Labs. With open space, a large covered outdoor area with lights hanging overhead; it is the perfect place to go with larger groups.


Bauhaus also has an outdoor/indoor stage for live music, board games, bag toss, and a kid play area. These are all things that make this brewery unique to the scene around it. Just a block down from 612 Brew, placed alongside the railroad tracks, Bauhaus Brew Labs is just the new brewery we needed to liven up the brewery scene yet again.



Devil’s Advocate

Where: South 10th Street, Minneapolis, MN | M-F 11am – 2am, Sat & Sun 10am – 2am |

Devil’s Advocate is a one of a kind establishment in downtown Minneapolis. First off, the restaurant has 40 beers on tap, which come from all around the world. Every week, Devil’s Advocate finds a way to bring in a great mixture of brews into their door, leaving beer connoisseurs coming back for more; the fun doesn’t stop here though.

DA has a very unique menu, allowing its wide variety of beers to be paired well with their delicious food. Those who come to eat at DA, they think of their world class meatballs. You have never had real meatballs until you have tried these wonderfully scrumptious…balls. They offer falafel, pork meatballs, polenta, buffalo meatbealls and many other dishes that don’t feature the ball.

Whether you are coming in for a quick bite, or simply looking for a new brew to try, Devil’s Advocate does it as well as anyone else.

Rack Shack BBQ and “The Hobo”


Locations: 2925 Cliff Rd E Burnsville, MN 55337 | 1731 South Robert StWest St Paul, MN 55118

For those who still don’t know, legitimate BBQ really does exist in the Twin Cities.  After finally hearing about the Rack Shack, we figured why not give it a try. After living in Kansas CIty for a few years and moving back to the TC area, I have struggled to get my fix for something nearly as good, and I only had hopes that this would be the cure.

This monstrous food item above is known as the Hobo. The Hobo is pretty much every side thrown together over a big ass baked potato, making up over 2lbs of BBQ greatness. This dish is insane: with a potato as its base, then soaked in a buttery sauce topped with cheesy corn, creamy jalapeño macaroni, tender pork, beef brisket, bacon blue cheese cole slaw and drizzled in cheddar cheese (and an side of cornbread). Weeew, that was a lot to say, but way more to digest.

Every ingredient added to the Hobo was right on point. Both the brisket and pork were tender and smoked to perfection to accommodate the behemoth of a potato buried beneath. Anyways. . . this place is the real deal, and I really can’t wait to try the next dish.


Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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Location: 2506A Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418
Hours: M/W/TH: 4-11 | TU: CLOSED | FR: 4-12 | SA: 12-12 | SU: 12-9

Last year, Fair State Brewing Cooperative emerged in Northeast Minneapolis. The co-op brewery is Minnesota’s first, and also happens to be one of the very few in the United States. Everything about the brewery is community driven, as they offer a variety of benefits.

What exactly does a co-op brewery have to offer, you might ask? Well, quite a bit if you want to purchase a share of the brewery and become a member. The cost, $200. If you are a beer nerd, this is actually a VERY fair price. Members will have first dibs on new releases, special discount on happy hours, the ability to have recipe input and voting rights within the brewery (and many other features). For the full article and definition listings, click HERE. Also, if you aren’t a Minnesota resident, don’t bother trying to buy a share, because you must be a resident.


[MADE] Our City’s True Beauty pt.2

Shadows copy

As promised, we now present part two from, Our City’s True Beauty.  As we made our way from the basement to the top, there were many opportunities for photos, as the building was littered with dope graffiti and amazing lighting effects.

HelloWorld copy

Once we reached the top, there was a moment of awe, as the city and the landscape that surrounds it seemed so minuscule. Blues skies and trees dominate the world with the faint city in the distance. At the very top, we didn’t have long to be up there as we were prone to be seen by those around. After a quick glimpse, it was time to leave.

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At our second location, it is quite obvious where we are, as it is more of a well traveled place. Once we were in, it was a breezy 10 story walk up the stairs and you are to the top. With great views all around, this trip is good for those wanting something much easier to access. All in all, we hope you enjoy some of these photos, and if you missed part one of the mini-series, feel free to keep scrolling down or click here.

The Beer Dabbler: Winter Carnival 2015


When: Saturday, January 24th | 3:30-7pm |
Where: MN State Fairgrounds | Tickets $40 Adv. $50 Doors|

The Winter beer dabbler is the real fuckin’ deal. We have attended the last two years, and nothing really compares to it. Bundled up from head to toe with a pretzel necklace on lock – the Winter Beer Dabbler will leave you stumbling with patchy great memories.

Just like last year, the beer dabbler will feature: 120+ breweries, food trucks, silent disco, Hammerschlagen and many more activities. Hopefully, like last year, Red Bull will sponsor the festival with DJ’s, and a snowboarding/skiing competition. Keep in mind, this is THE largest beer festival in Minnesota. There is something about crazy Minnesotan’s, wanting to stand outside for hours in the blistering cold, all for some delicious brews. Peep the video below and we hope to see you there.


Arima Ederra – Crystal Blue

After recently hearing about Arima Ederra, she went ahead and released a new favorite titled, “Crystal Blue”. The song, which is her first single released in some time, features the talented producer Telephobia. “Crystal Blue” possesses a dreamy laid-back vibe throughout, as Arima soothes the soul with her comforting vocals. Both artists together make for one dangerously addicting combination. Make sure to keep a look out for her upcoming album, Temporary Fixes, in 2015. Press play and enjoy her ever lifting soul music.

[MADE] Our City’s True Beauty – Pt.1

Reflection copy

(Throwback to September14’s MADE Collection)

Grab your gloves, head lamps and bandanas, because you are going to need these to truly experience the ins and outs when exploring. This last Saturday, it was a beautiful fall day to see some of Minneapolis’ brighter sides to the city. Some might call it an eye sore from a far, but others see opportunity for expression.

Broke copy

As we made our way through the abandon mill, it became apparent that you better know what the hell you are doing or else you might end up as another statistic. If you are looking to make it to the top, prepare for a workout and bring your A game. Although it might not be the hardest thing, one false move would be costly. Oh, and don’t look down!

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Is it worth the hour climb? 100% would say yes – you can pretty much see the world from the top, and it is definitely something to soak in. This was one of two spots that we hit on our journey. In other words, stay tuned tomorrow for pt.2 as we show the complete view from the top, as well as some more pics from the second spot ¡ Enjoi !

Check out our experimental series Urban Exploring from earlier in summer 2014. 

Black Friday – Muja Messiah, METASOTA, FREEZ & more


Where: 701 North 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403
When: Friday, December 26th, 2015 | Doors @ 8pm |

Tonight, Sound Verite Presents Black Friday, which will feature some of Minneapolis’ top emcees: Muja Messiah, Metasota and Freez. The event is a measly $7 at the door – so if you know like we do, this will be a dope event to attend this upcoming Friday.  Here’s a little taste of what to expect.