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[MADE] Brews of the Week

Don’t be fooled by this innocent bear, because this imperial stout is FIERCE. Just the other day this bad bear from Brazil arrived in our hands and lets just say it was one to remember.

The brew itself pours darker than the night sky with a nicely tanned head (sort of like the bear).    The beer had a very unique aroma backed by a sweet smell, then followed by a little boozyness– I knew I was in for a treat.

As follows, the brew tastes initially bitter then sweet, closing with a warm boozy feel. Overall, it is an excellent beer. Also, who would have known that they can brew a good beer in Brazil???

The Brash Brewing Company is out of MA., and continuously finding its way to the midwest. While it is only found in a bomber, the brew is rather affordable, but most importantly it’s delicious.

This American IPA is true to its name. There is a decent amount of hoppiness to the brew, but yet not too hoppy. The hops that were chosen make for a fruity/citrus taste to the brew, some might even say piney. The beer has a medium body to it, making it a solid drinkable beer at 7% ABV.


[MADE] Brews of the Week

Indeed, one of Minneapolis’ top breweries, has created an absolutely unique brew. This brew is the TRUE meaning of a winter ale. This warm vanilla, brown sugar, raisiny brew is scrumptious. That’s right, it’s down right scrumptious. This guy sits at a nice 6.5% ABV, creating a solid, deep, thick-fruity-cholcholaty, WTF is this taste. A WTF this is really, really good taste. If you want a better explanation go grab a sixer and indulge in this great brew yourself. Cheers.

The Winter Shredder, this is a beer that took us by surprise. While we never had a Cisco brew, we certainly found this one to be particularly good. The shredding snowman smoking a pipe, definitely exceeded expectations. The brew sits at a whopping 8.5% ABV, but serves as a very drinkable brew. One can’t help but notice the sweet caramel followed by a piny-cinnamon flavor with some hoppiness thrown in there. Overall, this guys a keeper. Keep shredding with your favorite snowman and Enjoy.