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October’s Long History of Historical Film Releases

Happy Halloween! October is traditionally known for the fall season and for hosting Halloween on the last day of the month. Likewise film distributors tend to look at October as a good time to release horror and slasher films for Halloween on fight-seeking audiences across the country, and around the world. October, however, has a long history of major motion picture releases that is not strictly limited to the horror genre. Read on to see our list of impressive October releases, and enjoy your Halloween Weekend! Continue reading

LG Gallery TV


Korean electronics maker LG, has unveiled a pretty ingenious feature for their next generation of tvs. The new screens will come equipped with a feature called “Gallery Mode”, as the name implies the tv will showcase famous paintings while on sleep or simply on gallery mode. I think this is a dope ass idea, no longer will a huge black screen take up space on your wall. No release date set as of now but we’d assume these will drop sometime next year.