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Andoid x Kodak – The Instamatic

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Android and Kodak have teamed up to make a brand new device for 2015. The device will feature 4G, tablet connection for it’s camera, all with 14MP and 4x Optical zoom. Based off of the old Kodak cameras, this camera first android phone changes up the idea of an ideal phone in 2015.

The Kodak PixPro SP360


Kodak is the next company to take a shot at becoming GoPro’s biggest competitor. With the release of the SP360, users will have many options on how they like to shoot their personal footage. The SP360 comes equipped with a 16-megapixel camera with an MOS sensor that records in full 1080/720p. The camera can also be controlled by Andoid or iOS, which is nothing new when compared to the GoPro. Lastly, Kodak was smart enough to make the camera water proof, freeze proof and shock proof from 6.6ft.

Whether it’s time-lapse, the 360 round mode, 360 panorama, front mode, front/ back mode – the SP360 has a lot to offer. Priced at $350, Kodak might soon be a top seller among portable cameras.

For more, visit: http://kodakpixpro.com/Americas/cameras/activeCam/sp360.php

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