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Memorable Movie Moments…

This week’s Memorable Movie Moment takes us back to Steven Spielberg‘s shark-attack nightmare: 1975’s Jaws. This movie is the reason why all of our parents are afraid to go into the water. Jaws was Steven Spielberg’s breakout movie. It won 3 Oscars for Best Sound, Best Film Editing, and Best Music, and was also nominated for Best Picture. All that, however, came with an extremely stressful production and a brutal film schedule that ended up expanding from 55 to 155 days. Needless to say some recognition from the Academy was definitely warranted.

One of the biggest problems was actor Robert Shaw (From Russia with Love, The Sting). Though he was respected as an actor, he was in a heavy battle with alcoholism. This caused high tensions on the set, especially with fellow actor Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Mr. Holland’s Opus). Shaw would have a drink between takes, but according to lead actor Roy Scheider (The French Connection, All That Jazz) it only took one before he was already off the wall. This caused him to totally flop the initial take of the USS Indianapolis scene, which is today’s Memorable Movie Moment.

During the scene, Quint (Shaw) describes the events surrounding the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, which carried the first operational atomic bomb for the invasion of Japan. In the initial take, Shaw decided that, since the scene was at night and the men were supposed to be drunk anyway, he would drink and do the scene. Unfortunately he was so drunk that nothing in the performance could be used. The story goes that Shaw was so ashamed he went to Spielberg to ask for another take, and the next day he delivered this stunning performance sober, and all in one take. Continue reading

Itsuki – Strange Dreams


This afternoon, we recently discovered the producer Itsuki, who hails from Japan. The producer recently released his record, Strange Dreams, through Gentle Records. Each track features laid-back instrumentals with heavy synths to make up one dreamy sounding mix.  Whether it’s late at night, or if you’re simply in chill mode, Strange Dreams, allows the mind to wonder freely.

Stream Full Album Here: https://gentlerecords.bandcamp.com/album/strange-dreams

A Bathing Ape x RSVP Gallery Spring 2015

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Chicago’s own, RSVP Gallery, recently announced a collab with Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape. RSVP has always held BAPE in high regard featuring the brand in their flagship location. The collection will be available at BAPE’s Japanese locations, and RSVP plans to have a few exclusive prints in house. If you’re interested, stop by and check them out for yourself.

Places + Faces Episode 4: Part 1

Places + Faces returns with episode 4 which takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Part 1 shows the crew on a trip through Shibuya, exploring some of the random sights that the city has to offer. Still on the fence about these, but something keeps drawing me back. Peep the first part of episode 4 above and keep an eye out for part 2.