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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ Is A 1980s Cinematic Nostalgia Trip

WARNING – SPOILERS!!! Pac Man, Back to the Future, and Blade Runner are only a few titles that make up the 1980s cinematic nostalgia trip in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, now playing in theaters. Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One follows a young man named Wade Watts who lives in a dystopian United States in 2045. Humanity, as Wade knows it, is plagued by a failing economic system, an ominous corporate-governing body, and a tainted outdoor environment, all the result of an energy crisis caused by global warming, corporate greed, and the depletion of Earth’s fossil fuels. Since the real-world is no longer a pleasant place to spend your time, Wade, like most people, spends his days in the OASIS, an interactive virtual reality comprised of games and puzzles from every video game, movie, book, or television show made primarily between 1980 and 1990, although there are a few exceptions. The OASIS is the mind-child of James Halliday (obviously Cline’s own doppelganger) who, prior to his death, left a hidden Easter Egg inside the OASIS that, if found, provides the winner with his massive fortune and control of the corporation running the OASIS, and that’s where Wade’s (or Parzival as he is named in the OASIS) story begins. Continue reading

[MADE] Weekend Classics #25 – The Sylvers



As the world turns and we move through the summer, The Sylvers make their way to our weekend classics. The soulful Sylvers started to see much of their success in the early 70s after changing their name from The Little Angels. Their first three LPs (The Sylvers, The Sylvers 2, and The Sylvers 3) were produced by R&B legends Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson, landing them numerous Billboard R&B Charts.

By 1966, the group released their top selling record with Something Special, reaching number 13 on Billboard album charts. It was this album that reached out to the teeny-bopper generation. One year later, The Sylvers changed their direction and wanted to reach a more mature crowd with New Horizons. 

For the next 10 years, the group released a few more records, but never saw the same success as they had throughout the early-mid 70s. For now, we picked a personal favorite below to get aquatinted with (that is if you didn’t know The Sylvers). Enjoy.

Vic Mensa LIVE @ Reggie’s Rock Club w/ The Hood Internet & Jean Deaux


Location: 2105 S State Street, Chicago
When: Saturday, December 7th @ 6:30PM

Vic Mensa is still riding the wave of success from his latest project the “Innanet tape”. He recently took over MTV’s Rapfix with A$AP Rocky & Bun B, blowing everyone away with a top notch freestyle; and now he has announced a headlining show at Chicago’s Reggie’s Rock Club. The show will also feature performances from Jean Deaux and The Hood Internet with special guests also supposed to take the stage. This should definitely be a good one, the Save Money crew is probably the hottest collective of artists in Chicago/ the Midwest right now. The show is all ages and tickets are only $10 bucks so if you’re in the CHI on December 7th you should definitely hit this one up.

Show You Suck – Make Out King

Show You Suck

Chicago spitter Show You Suck took to Twitter earlier to release the 2nd single off of his upcoming project entitled “Dude Bro”. Featuring the production skills of The Hood Internet & Javelin, “Make Out King” takes on a far different feel than a lot of Show’s recent releases. “Dude Bro” is slated for a November 21st release, stay tuned for more from Show and the good guys at Closed Sessions as we get closer to the drop date.

Google to Create Streaming TV Service

Google is in the proccess create their own TV service to be streamed through broadband connection. Ultimately, they would like to be competition to Time Warner or Comcast, the evil giants of TV. We all know Google has taken a stab at their own internet service (gigabit fiber networks), which is by far better than anything on the market. It only makes sense that the next step for the guys at Google is to package a TV service with their blazingly fast internet. While they have been negotiating with other companies for their distributor options, expect a Google Fiber/Google TV package in select cities in the near future.

Show You Suck – Mom Jeans (Prod. Hood Internet)

Show You Suck Mom Jeans

Yesterday, Show You Suck dropped the 2.0 version of his coveted “Mom Jeans” track from the mix tape “One Man Pizza Party 2”. This time around The Hood Internet is providing a banger of a beat, while Show raps some raps reminiscent of the original; but still super fresh. Play this at the next party you go to and make sure to stay tuned for that One Man Pizza Party 4 which will be out July 23rd.