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Big Cats “Most Days” Release Party

Location: 2528 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, December 9th @ 10PM

The Twin Cities’ own Big Cats is preparing for the release of his latest project, “Most Days,” which will be celebrated at the Icehouse next Saturday. Big Cats is well known for his production work having collaborated on projects with a wide range of artists including Toki Wright, the aforementioned Eric Mayson, Caroline Smith, Lizzo, and Haley Bonar among others. The night will feature some of his oft-collaborators in Chance York, Eric Mayson, and DJ Just Nine, as well as visuals from Psychographics. This show is 21+ and tickets are currently available for only $10, click the link below to buy yours now.

Big Cats “Most Days” Tickets

_whtspce – nightfall

A few weeks ago we began getting acquainted with the music of St. Paul producer _whtspce. His latest offering, Pale Cocoon, is described as a “fusion of hip hop rhythm, ambient soundscapes, and glitchy sound design to conceptualize my love (obsession really…) for Bushido and our earths’ moon.” Stoic and unwavering, we found that “nightfall” embodies this very spirit really well. Constant and calculated, yet cold, the instrumental seems to morph as it floats along. Check out “nightfall” above and be on the look out for Pale Cocoon in it’s entirety.

Jack Daily “Season 9”

The Twin Cities’ music scene continues to gain strength behind an entirely new cast of up and coming talent. While young artists like Nazeem, Spencer Joles, Drelli, and KAS continue to gain momentum, there is also a long list of producers who are beginning to be noticed. One of which is Jack Daily, 1/15 of Smash Bros, he has amassed an impressive catalog on Soundcloud. His most recent release comes in the form of Season 9, a 19 track instrumental tape that shows off Daily’s wide range of sounds. There’s plenty of room for progress, but all signs are pointing towards a bright future for the kid. Check out Season 9 above and be on the look out for more from Jack Daily.

Travis Gorman – It’s Me

Travis Gorman has been having a good year. Over the first 9 months, the producer, who doubles as a DJ; has worked some of the largest stages in Minnesota and a few outside the state. Everything from Soundset to Red Bull Sound Selects across the map, his ties to Finding Novyon and the local Twin Cities hip hop scene are paying dividends. Gorman took to Soundcloud earlier today to release a new instrumental titled, “It’s Me.” Smooth as ever, the track coasts along nicely, one can imagine a variety of flows attacking the friendly beat. No word on if this one will ever manifest into an actual recording, for now roll one up and press play. Thank us later.

John Shrimpnose – 7 Ate 9

John Shrimpnose recently took to Soundcloud to release a new instrumental dubbed “7 ate 9.” Dark and grungy yet vibrant, “7 ate 9” is a melting pot of sounds. Shrimp is building his catalog at an alarming rate, each release solidifies his sound within Minneapolis’ scene. Definitely one to sit back and blaze to, check out “7 ate 9” above and keep an eye out for more from John Shrimpnose.

Adriatic – Vacancy

Adriatic has quickly became an office favorite for us, we’ve been known to spin his latest release, Shrub, back to back while working. Last week, the producer released a new record via Soundcloud titled, “Vacancy.” Brandished “Minimal House,” the record has a calming quality about it that allows the listener to focus or simply zone out. A good record for the spring days ahead of us, the tracks upbeat vibe feels like life after the cold winter. Check out “Vacancy” for your self above and click the link below for more from Adriatic.

TaliaKnight “Nocturna”


A few days ago we received TaliaKnight’s latest project Nocturna and we’ve got to say, we’re quite impressed. The Chilean born, Minneapolis based producer hits the ground running on this record and never slows down. From the subtle yet bright “Guidance” to the hauntingly gritty “TuneIn,” she blurs the lines between various genres including hip hop, electronic, and more experimental, ambient production. Word around town is that she’ll be at Icehouse this February, make sure to get yourself acquainted and be on the look out for more info regarding the event.

Travis Gorman – Purple (Funk)

Travis Gorman took to Twitter yesterday to release a new instrumental via his Soundcloud. Titled “Purple” the record is jazzy yet super funky at the same time, a hard bass line holds the pieces together as the sample plays. No word on if there are any plans for this track, but you can bet there’s a lot more where it came from. Peep “Purple” above and stay tuned for more from Travis Gorman.

John Shrimpnose – Mild Soup

The homie John Shrimpnose recently took to Soundcloud to release a new instrumental dubbed “Mild Soup.” The short cut embodies it’s title well as the chill, reserved instrumental crawls along. Production for a true wordsmith, “Mild Soup” is one that can bring out the lyricism in even the most pedestrian of MCs. Check out “Mild Soup” above and make sure to be on the look out for more from John Shrimpnose.

John Shrimpnose “Naps”

John Shrimpnose’s most recent project, Naps, continues to see rotation in our decks and for good reason. At a breezy 15 minutes, The Twin Cities artists/producer put together a solid collection of instrumentals that span a wide variety of sounds. A good soundtrack to accompany a lazy summer day or one hanging out by the lake; check out Naps above and stay tuned for more from John Shrimpnose.