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Chuck U

Drawings by: Chuck U

Chuck U is a Minneapolis artist who is becoming more and more popular, and it is quite obvious why. Whether it is monkeys, astronauts, robots or many other random animals, Chuck’s work is rather intricate and intriguing to say the least. His unique style of drawing has been used for various album covers and flyers around MPLS. You may have also seen some of his work over at the Indeed Brewery; they also use his art work on their cans. I decided to pick just a few of my favorite prints he has available, feel free to visit his website for plenty more.


[MADE] Brew of the Week


It has been a minute since we have featured a beer from Minneapolis’ Indeed Brewery. Just recently, a friend stumbled across a bottle from a local liquor store – so we did what was best and drank it.  While the beer is out of season, it seems to have aged to perfection.

The Mexican Honey, is an Imperial Lager that sits at a whopping 8.7% ABV. The beer tastes nearly as they advertise. The brew has smooth pale malts, citrus hops and a light taste of honey and biscuits. Absolutely is this one a must try, especially for those who aren’t into the hoppier beers. Keep your eyes open for a bottle and drink up!

Indeed’s 4th Annual Hullabaloo


Location: 711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis
When: Sat & Sun, October 10th-11th // Sat: 11AM-10PM, Sun: 11AM-8PM

Indeed Brewing Company’s 4th annual Hullabaloo is set to go down this weekend at their brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. The 2 day event is FREE and will also serve as the official release of this year’s highly anticipated Rum King. Live music will include performances from Frankie Teardrop, Appetite For Zaccardi, Mike Gunther, and Fury Things among others. If that wasn’t enough, the good people at the Blue Door Pub will be providing food for the event. The Rum King will go on sale at 11AM and there will be a 4 bottle limit per person, get there EARLY if you plan to grab some. This one is free and all ages, pets are discouraged and by the sounds of the Facebook page kids are too. Check out the set lists below and click the link below for more information.

Indeed Hullabaloo 2015 via Facebook

Saturday: 10/10
12:30 – TYTE JEFF

Sunday: 10/11

NE Brewer’s Block Party 2015


Location: 1500 Fillmore Street NE, Minneapolis
When: Sunday, July 26th // 2PM-9PM

This year’s Northeast Brewer’s Block Party will once again be hosted by the good people over at Sociable Cider Werks. The event caters to just about anyone who likes to have fun, with a plethora of local music, local brew and local eats to indulge upon you can’t really go wrong. This year there will be live performances from Enemy Planes, Sam Cassidy, Baby Shel and Southside Desire among others along; with brew provided by Fulton, Indeed, 612, Insight and Bauhaus to name a few. Hungry? No problem, there will also be food trucks from Curious Goat, Anchor: Fish & Chips, Tatanka Truck, Scratch Kitchen and Gastrotruck. If that wasn’t enough the event is FREE with a suggested donation of $1 (yea ONE fuckin dollar) for wristbands. Don’t drink? No worries, there will be plenty of family friendly games to check out while you get down to some of Minneapolis’ hottest local acts. Last year’s bash was a great time so we wont expect any less from this year’s, click the link below for more info and make sure to stop by to check things out.

NE Brewer’s Block Party via Facebook

Indeed “Let It Ride” Release Party


Location: 1601 University Avenue, St. Paul
When: Tuesday, February 24th @ 7PM

Indeed Brewery has been churning out the good stuff for quite some time so it’s no surprise that they’ve announced the re-release of a brew. Their “Let It Ride” IPA will make it’s debut at Turf Club during an event that should be a good time. The night will feature performances from Flasher, Narco States and a set from DJ Paper Sleeves, all while you enjoy “Let It Ride”. The beer officially releases at 5pm and the event is 21+ (obviously), if you’re interested head down to the Turf Club tonight.

Indeed Brewing Company’s 3rd Annual “Hullabaloo”


Location: 711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, October 11th @ Noon

Indeed Brewing Company will be hosting their 3rd annual Hullabaloo party at their headquarters today. The event is all ages and will feature music from Tired Eyes, John Swardson And Bad Blood, The Crossing Guards, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Mike Gunther, and The Dand Ole’ Tri’Ole. In addition to the live music there will also be a couple of limited addition brews and plenty of food for those who come hungry. This weekend is going to be a busy one with the Zombie Pub Crawl going down as well, if you can fit it into your schedule the Hullabaloo is definitely worth a stop.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

If you live in the Minneapolis area and haven’t picked up a bottle of Hot Box yet, you are missing out on one hell of a beer. The Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter pours nice and dark with a variety of flavors going on with it. This brew really takes you on one hell of a ride.

Upfront, the beer has a nice smoky wood flavor balanced with coffee and chocolate. It then finishes with a peppery/jalapeño spice to help clear out sinuses. I mean this heat lingers, it isn’t your average spice that you would expect in a brew.

This smoked-chocolate-spice collaboration from Indeed and Northbound Smokehouse, is a solid 10/10 in our books.

The guys from Bell’s have created an all around enjoyable Amber Ale that even your 15 year-old cousin could enjoy. The hazy golden Amber Ale offers a perfect mixture light hops and a minor sweet caramel taste. With each mouthful of beer, there is absolutely no taste of alcohol, leaving it to be one of the more drinkable Ambers on the market.

*Keep your eyes peeled for both brews from this week’s picks, and stay tuned for next week’s. s

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Indeed, one of Minneapolis’ top breweries, has created an absolutely unique brew. This brew is the TRUE meaning of a winter ale. This warm vanilla, brown sugar, raisiny brew is scrumptious. That’s right, it’s down right scrumptious. This guy sits at a nice 6.5% ABV, creating a solid, deep, thick-fruity-cholcholaty, WTF is this taste. A WTF this is really, really good taste. If you want a better explanation go grab a sixer and indulge in this great brew yourself. Cheers.

The Winter Shredder, this is a beer that took us by surprise. While we never had a Cisco brew, we certainly found this one to be particularly good. The shredding snowman smoking a pipe, definitely exceeded expectations. The brew sits at a whopping 8.5% ABV, but serves as a very drinkable brew. One can’t help but notice the sweet caramel followed by a piny-cinnamon flavor with some hoppiness thrown in there. Overall, this guys a keeper. Keep shredding with your favorite snowman and Enjoy.

Indeed to Expand Brewery

If the supply cannot meet the demand, you simply must expand. Good thing Indeed has already thought of this by initially buying a bigger space than needed. In just 15 months of its existence, the brewery is in need of some changes. While Indeed brewed roughly 5,000 barrels of brew this year, they are expected to more than double that in 2014, making them the 6th largest brewery in Minnesota. This is pretty insane considering these guys were only making 911 barrels of brew in their first 5 months of existence. Hopefully they can continue to make beer as constantly fresh as they have been. Drink On.

MADE – Brews of the Week

Once again we are featuring another Tallgrass brew, because they are that good. Tallgrass,(from Manhattan, Kansas), recently released their Wild Plum Farmhouse Ale; which is quite different to say the least. The brew pours a nice hazzy golden-orange color, and is rather carbonated. The first sip, you cannot help but notice a pineapple/citrus taste, with a hint of raison/plum mixed within it.  Quite impressive, because Tallgrass is still able to mix in a subtle hoppiness as well, making this brew delicious. Keep your eyes peeled for the WIld Plum, before it’s long gone.

This brew is the definition of a seasonal. The Sweet Yamma Jamma by Indeed, is brewed using sweet potatoes, yams, and a variety of spices including: cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and cloves. The brew is medium bodied and comes of rather creamy, but yet smooth.  Overall the brew is solid. Indeed stops production on this brew in November, so make sure to grab a sixer if your in the MPLS area.