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The Endowment @ Icehouse

Location: 2528 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, April 15th @ 10:30PM

“THE ENDOWMENT is a celebration of Hip Hop culture and the spirit of resistance that drives it. Featuring some of the most dynamic, boundary-pushing performers in the Twin Cities hip hop scene, as well as dancers, poets, and the legendary DJ Kool Akiem on the wheels of steel, the intergenerational lineup is based around the theme of “what we inherit, we pass on.” In that spirit, the show is also a fundraiser for Twin Cities organization TruArtSpeaks, as well as the birthday celebration of the organization’s founder, Tish Jones.”

The Endowment via Icehouse

Soul Tools Presents – Breaking Bread: White Supremacy, Crime & Legislation (Ep.1)

Soul Tools just took to YouTube to release the first episode of their new web-series titled “Breaking Bread.” Like the name implies, the series will revolve around dinner conversations, with most of the participants being artists, activists, educators, students, and others involved in the black community. In episode 1, Reggie Reg, Toki Wright, I Self Devine, Professors Mahmoud El-Kati & Dion Crushshon, as well as Nick Muhammed; all engage in a conversation that touches on white supremacy and America’s current state in comparison with previous eras. How far have we really come? This is a question that is explored in the visual above, check it out and make sure to stay tuned for episode 2.