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The 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Had Some Surprises But Did Little For #MeToo

this is us sag 2018

It’s awards season; that time of year when the Super Bowl is the one thing strong enough to interrupt Hollywood’s narcissistic red-carpet events and fancy afterparties. The Golden Globes aired just a few weeks ago, with much of the attention focused on the #MeToo Movement that swept the film industry after Harvey Weinstein and dozens of others were accused of sexual harassment, and even rape by an astonishing number of women working in Hollywood. Last nights Screen Actors Guild Awards, however, saw a more typical type of awards show than what we saw at the Golden Globes. Continue reading

Look For This Week’s Limited Releases In Theaters Near You

There are few interesting indie releases opening in local theaters this weekend, alongside Jordan Peele’s directorial horror debut Get Out. The first is a war-drama titled Bitter Harvest, starring Max Irons (The Host, Woman in Gold) and Samantha Barks (Les Miserables, The Christmas Candle) as lovers facing the oncoming Ukraine Genocide of 1932-1933 under Joseph Stalin. The film comes from director George Mendeluk and follows a young artists (Irons) as he works to save his love, Natalka (Barks), from being rounded up and executed as part of the death-by-starvation camps that would be made all the more famous during Hitler’s time in Nazi Germany during World War II. The script comes from writer Richard Bachynsky Hoover and co-stars Terence Stamp (Superman, Young Guns) and Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile). Continue reading

First Temperature Controlled City Being Built In Dubai


Here we go again, Dubai continues to filter billions and billions of dollars to create really unnecessary shit. Although this is pretty awesome, it is insane all at the same time. the 48 billion square foot project is being labeled as the ‘Mall of the World’. The enormous indoor mall not only features a retractable roof and a theme park, but it also plans to have a wellness center, 20,000 hotel rooms, a cultural district. All in all the project is said to attract 180 million tourists every year, making it one absurd touristic attraction.

CeeWhy “Freedom=Genius” CD Release Party


Location: 629 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis
When: Friday, January 3rd @ 9PM

Minneapolis’ own CeeWhy will be holding a release show for his upcoming project entitled “Freedom=Genius” tonight, January 3rd at the Triple Rock. The show has a ton of sponsors and CeeWhy will be joined on stage by Gorilla Panic, MaLLy, Crunchy Kids & DJ SoSupreme with Carnage hosting the event. This one’s 18+ and tickets are $10 at the door, if you like dope music you should definitely hit this one up. Click the link below to check out CeeWhy’s website and stay tuned for more.