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[MADE] Brew of the Week

This week’s Brew of the Week goes out to the local hero’s, Fulton, for their 300 IPA. This single IPA is a thing of beauty, and I personally find it to be a must try for anyone is into hopped up beers.

The 300, is a single IPA, sitting at a whopping 7% ABV! This brew is packed with flavor and some added kick, which leaves you feeling every last drop. Earthy, Juicy and grapefruit flavors are all very well balanced with the taste aspect of this brew. You can’t help but notice the bitter/grassy hops that flood your taste buds as well. For $9.99 a six pack, this one is adequately priced and well worth a try.

By: K-Vogz


[MADE] Brew of the Week

castle danger

This week’s Brew of the Week goes out to Castle Danger’s 17-7 Pale Ale. We made our way up to Two Harbors, MN., two weeks ago and stopped in to Castle Danger Brewery. After trying a stomach full of beers and returning to Minneapolis, we stumbled on a six pack of their 17-7 Pale Ale – now their is no turning back.

After years of drinking a plethora of beers, I may have finally found a “go to beer”. The 17-7 is loaded with flavor, and is very easy to drink an entire six pack. The brew smells very florally of fruity hops and tastes like it too. You might also notice the nice malt backing, as this pale ale comes equipped with taste. Sitting at 5.7% ABV, you will find it rather easy to consume these in one sitting. Keep on the lookout as 17-7’s are just now starting to surface in the Twin Cities.

[MADE] Brews of the Week (Rainy Day IPA Edition)

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This week’s MADE Brews of the Week, we bring a special Rainy Day IPA edition to the series. It has been rainy and cold to start most of May, so what’s better than a damn tasty IPA to keep the doctor away. Alright, enough of the rhyming and lets get to drinking.

The first brew of the week is going out to Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter. Just like the title of this brew, Sierra Nevada has sought out to make one hell of a hoppy brew. The brew, which features Hop Oil from their Torpedo Hops, is one aromatic brew. After cracking the lid, you immediately notice a rush of citrus orange. Juicy, grassy and citrusy – this IPA has it all. Interestingly unique, this brew sits at 6.2% ABV and is a measly $7.99 a six pack. Go ahead an do yourself a favor and try a six pack of this.

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Boulevard and Sierra Nevada have probably made our list more than any other brewery, and damnit they deserve to. The second IPA is going out to Boulevard’s Calling IPA (Double IPA). The brew is featured as a part of their smokestack series, which is carefully aged in barrels for added flavors.

My initial thought after spending $12.99 on a 4-pack, “is this shit better be worth it, damn”. Here I am writing another weekly review, and this beer is up there with the GREATS – it is absolutely delicious from beginning to end.

After finishing a glass of this, I didn’t feel full from rich flavors of a beer – I wanted another. This is something rare for me with DIPA’s, as they can be a bit much. Loaded with fresh hops, floral notes, and a juicy fruit flavor; this brews is sweet, delicious and refreshing. You may catch some of the cedar wood notes buried within this brew, as it is full of depth and flavor. Sitting just under 9% ABV, this brew not only lets you feel it, it allows one to really drink it.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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I’m not going to lie, I was very skeptical trying out this brew for a few reasons. A.) The beer is sold in a 6-pack and is a Double IPA (this is rare) B.) It is from Utah C.) The six pack was only 8.99! Well, as it turns out, I was rather impressed by a rather drinkable and affordable Double IPA from Salt Lake City.

Hop Rising certainly lives up to the name. The beer itself is very bitter upfront, which will turn away many who are not a fan of this style. I also noticed that after lighting up the tastebuds with a bitter flavor, it subdues fast with nice sweet remnants. I was also shocked at this one being 9%, because I never really thought it was that strong. The Bottom line, it is a very affordable DIPA and is definitely drinkable.

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It has taken some time for me to finally bite the bullet and pick up a few of these. After hearing mixed reviews and always pulling for the more well known Bell’s beers (Two Hearted), I finally got to try their Third Coast American Blonde Ale.

This brew is pretty remarkable I thought. After pouring a light golden color, it was time to pound this bad boy down. Highly carbonated and packed with a sweet grainy taste with a zesty bite – this brew is quite a bit different than our friend above us. You might also catch the crisp lemony finish as this brew washes away any and all flavors previously present. At a lighter 4.8% ABV, there is no need shy away from having more than a few of these.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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We are back at it with this week’s addition of MADE Brews of the Week and we happen to feature two Minnesota breweries. Our first choice is going out to Brau Brother’s Brewery with their Hop Session Super Pale Ale.

This lighter hop session ale is packed with flavor and drinkability. After one sip, you cannot help but notice the explosion of citrusy flavors and aroma.  Loaded with carbonation, this brew packs a punch up front with a super dry finish, leaving it to be one solid session ale. Sitting at a light 4.20% ABV, the Hopsession Ale can easily be consumed throughout the day.

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With the second brew of the week, we are featuring Third Street Breweries Spot Light IPA. The guys out of Cold Spring MN have a few solid beers floating around the Twin Cities, and it is right that we feature a brew from these guys.

The Spot Light IPA is a very well rounded IPA. Although, it is nothing significant, it is affordable and tasty. With a bready malt taste mixed with tropical hop notes, this beer will subtly get you drunk. This one pushes above 7% ABV with little to no traces of alcohol. Overall, this is a solid IPA that shouldn’t be overlooked.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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It was never intended to be this way, but this week we are featuring two brews out of Oregon. Our first brew featured, is by the more popular Widmer Brothers. Our first selection is titled Hopside Down, which is a Hoppy Style Lager (IPL).

Widmer’s Hopside down is quite reminiscent to Sierra Nevada’s release of Beer Camp – except I personally enjoy this brew slightly more. With a bitter hop presence upfront and a lighter malt finish – Hopside Down can be enjoyed thoroughly on a hot day. After searching to find the alcohol percentage on the bottle, it turns out to be an astonishing 6.7% ABV. This brew is definitely recommended for this summer.

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When I was out west visiting a few weeks ago, I grabbed a sixer of this brew purely because of its ingenious design on the can. I mean, what brewery is going out of the way to match their pop tops with their label? After picking this six pack up, it was gone within the hour.

The Caldera Brewing Company, as it turns out, makes one helluva IPA. This brew features a whirlwind of flavors. The brew pours nice and clean with a dark golden amber color to it. With pine-herbal flavors mixed with a juicy citrus taste – the Caldera IPA is perfectly balanced to the finish. I’m definitely having my local liquor store stock these if possible. Keep a lookout over at Central Liquors for this one in NE, it’s time for some convincing.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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Last year was the first time trying Left Coast’s beers and needless to say, I am a huge fan of what this brewery offers. Coincidentally, I happened to try their beer for the first ever while I was visiting out in Los Angeles. A year later, I finally got my hands on a bomber of their Hop Juice.

Hop Juice – they couldn’t have picked a better name for the sweet nectar of an IPA. This Double IPA is far from average, as it kicks your ass while leaving you with a shit grin. Hop Juice pours a light gold color, with little to no head. After the first taste, you notice this DIPA is far from bitter, as it brightens your day up. Sweet, citrus, honey and piney hop flavors – Hop Juice has a distinct flavor for a DIPA. My favorite part about this brew, is that you will hardly notice the 9.7% ABV . This one will become a regular in our rotation, and we recommend giving it a try.

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From my understanding, Sierra Nevada has never really been known for darker beers. After grabbing Sierra Nevada’s newly released Snow Pack, we found a new lost love for their Coffee Stout, thus catapulting our belief that they can make a wide range of brews.

Sierra Nevada’s Coffee Stout pours as expected, as dark as a dungeon. I honestly do know how many coffee stouts that I have tasted that are as well balanced as this one. Dark, thick, creamy, yet packed with malty espresso/coffee bean flavor, all mixed with a dash of hops. Wow…Once again, Sierra Nevada you continue to make consistently great beers. Cheers, and ignore the Chiefs glass.

Summer Beer Dabbler 2014


Where: 1095 7th Street West St.Paul, MN |
When: September 6th, 2014 | 5pm-9pm | Tickets $40-$50 |

Did you happen to miss the other beer festivals this summer? Well, you’re in luck, because the Summer Beer Dabbler is less than a week away. The 6th annual Summer Beer Dabbler will be held at a brand new location and has expectations to be the best one yet. With the new location being held at the St. Paul Saint’s Midway Stadium, it should make for an open and fun environment.

Event Features:

  • Commemorative tasting glass.
  • Live Music (Sonny Knight and the Lakers, Hippo Campus and Crossing Guards)
  • Food Vendors
  • Silent Disco
  • Fireworks
  • Unlimited Beer & More




[MADE] Brews of the Week

Victories Dirt Wolf Double IPA is a real man’s IPA. This mighty brew is smooth well before you even sip it. Dirt Wolf pours a hazy goldish color while mixed with the scent of a god. Throughout each sip, there’s a rush of grapefruit present; I would say it is more of a sweeter honey taste somewhere present in it as well. There is no doubt that this one will be leaving  you with one choice, to have another. Anyways . . . this DIPA is the real deal.

Indeed has recently released the holy grail of American Black Ales. This Double Black ale finds a way to almost completely hide its boozy 11.5% ABV.  Right now the beer can only be found at local liquor stores around MPLS in a big bomber bottle; otherwise your best luck is straight from the source (their brewery).

After one sip of this brew, it has your head spinning and your taste buds jumping. One can’t help but notice the piney hops with a nice blend of citrus, all backed by some toasty malts with cocoa.  While it is a rather spendy brew, it is hands down one of the better Black Ales around.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Lagunitas SUCKS! The beer that was originally brewed as their Brown Shugga substitute, turned out to be something completely different due to the lack of ingredients at the time. To this day, Lagunitas Sucks is an ever sought after beer because of its one of a kind delectable taste.

This double IPA pours rather light with a heavy florally-citrus flavor, making for an easier to drink DIPA. This is also due to the fact that the beer is not as hoppy as most other DIPA’s, and it is also just under 8% ABV. While this beer is no longer available, (stopped production in November/December), it can still be found at certain liquor stores.

This full bodied copper-red ale is an everyday type of beer. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, or hell why not breakfast, this guy will fulfill your needs.

The Red Seal, which hails out of Mendocino County, CA, is one to keep an eye out for. The spicy-hopped brew is easily drinkable, leaving a nice smooth velvety feeling on the tongue. After pouring a hazy and dark red color, one would imagine it being richer and more on the red side, but overall it is a really well balanced beer with equal maltiness to hops.