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Jugrnaut OG Shield Beanie

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The good people from Jugrnaut recently released a new round of hats to get everyone through these final winter months. This time they’ve decided to utilize their “OG Shield” logo on knitted skull caps, some of which are fashioned with Gore Tex. These are available now in a variety of colors, $24 for the regular ones and $34 for the Gore Tex upgrades. Click the link below for a better look.

Jugrnaut “OG Shield” Beanies

Familia Winter Gear

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Familia Skateshop recently released some new Winter accessories just in time for the deep freeze. Among the items released are 2 beanies, a scarf and a pair of gloves, all of which range from $15 to $30 bucks. Click the link below for a better look if you’re interested.

Familia Shop

Familia “Dot” Beanies Restocked

Snap Beanie

Familia recently restocked their classic “Dot” beanies at both their Uptown & FamiliaHQ locations. With Fall officially upon us and Winter right around the corner, everyone could go for a thick beanie. No price posted, but we’re sure they’ll range from $20 to $30, click the link below to check out Familia’s official website.

Familia “Dot” Beanie

GRRRL PRTY Hats Re-Stocked

If you live in Minneapolis or have gone to a GRRRL PRTY show, then you have no doubt seen one of these hats being worn. It appears the crew re-stocked their hats and will be offering both the beanies & the snap backs via their web-store. The beanies are $30 and the snap backs are going for $35, if you want all the way in you can get a personalized snap back for $45. Click the link below if you’ve been trying to get your hands on one.


BAPE x New Era Spring 2014

A Bathing Ape has seen a recent resurgence after changing captains awhile back. In the last few weeks we’ve seen coasters, rugs, new designs and now a new collaboration with iconic hat maker New Era. The Bape face crossed by their signature lightning star (Sta) logo comes in red and black and can now be found via Bape’s website. If you happen to live in L.A. or New York, stop on in and check them out in person.

Jugrnaut Hat Releases


The good guys over at Jugrnaut are on the verge of releasing their latest line of hats, the release date is tomorrow (Sunday, September 15th) and will feature 5 new designs including 2 bucket hats, a snap back, a fitted and a 5 panel cap. Get on down there tomorrow and check the new lids out for yourself.