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Los Santos By Night

A couple of days ago, The XXI uploaded a cool video featuring Los Santos (GTA V) at night. From the rough streets of Strawberry and Davis to the glitzy night life of Vinewood, this video does a good job of showcasing the game’s immersive depth. Take a look at the video above and be on the look out for more.

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

As Grand Theft Auto V’s next generation release draws closer, Rockstar Games has dropped a trailer featuring unexpected new gameplay. For the first time ever, players will be able to navigate Grand Theft Auto’s simulated cities in first person. NO, not just in your car, you’ll actually be able to walk, shoot, drive and everything else from the first person view, making for a more engaging experience. Take a look at the trailer above for yourself and be on the look out for GTA V for XBOX One & PS4 November 18th (PC Jan24th).

GTA V – Hip-Hop Soundtrack

If you ever played any of the GTA games, then you know that the guys at Rockstar spend a lot of time and money on their radio stations. The guys at GoodMusicAllDay, made sure to compile a 26 song track-list for the game, and lets just say its dope. There are way too many artists to even list, so simply click the link above, and check out the soundtrack if you already haven’t.

Official GTA V Gameplay

Finally Rockstar has released video of GTA V’s actual gameplay, and it looks unbelievable. There are three main characters, all of which you can control throughout the game. The game not only looks visually stunning, but it seems like you are fully immersed within a whole new world. Check out this MUST SEE clip from Rockstar, and don’t forget to pre-order because this game will be out September 17th.