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The Pengest Munch Ep. 5

The Chicken Connoisseur is back with episode 5 of The Pengest Munch. This time around, he’s headed to London’s Lisson Grove neighborhood for a bite at Chicken Valley. Upon arrival things go downhill quickly, poor ratings across the board leave my mans longing for more. Check out episode 5 above and keep an eye out for episode 6.

The Pengest Munch Ep. 1

If you haven’t seen this kids face around social media yet, we’ll be the first to show you an internet gem. Dubbed “The Pengest Munch,” British slang for “Sexiest/Hottest Munch,” 23 yr old (he really is) Elijah Quashie has built quite the following reviewing chicken restaurants throughout Britain. In episode 1, the Chicken Connoisseur hits up Taste of Tennessee on Old Street in London. A good starting point, hilarity ensues. Peep the video above and be on the look out for episode 2.

Ray Trilla – Le Voyage

Ray Trilla

A few days ago, UK rapper Ray Trilla sent us his new track “Le Voyage”. Produced by Passtense, the guitar laden instrumental matches Trilla’s flow well, he has always had a classical approach. Every time we hear a new track from Ray Trilla we’re astonished how well he incorporates that golden era sound, it’s hard to believe he’s from Great Britain. Check out “Le Voyage” below and be on the look out for more from Ray Trilla.

Ray Trilla – Rebirth


London based MC Ray Trilla recently sent us some newness titled “Rebirth”. The young artist shows off his technical prowess on the grimy, East Coast driven instrumental. The Mobb Deep sound bite on the hook really sets the style home. Never been to London before, but the gloomy, gritty record seems fitting. Check out “Rebirth” below and be on the look out for more from Ray Trilla.

Communion Club w/ Beasthead, Ancient Mariner & Savannah Smith


Location: 1601 University Avenue W, St. Paul
When: Tuesday, December 16th @ 7PM

Britain based record label Communion will be hosting one of their world famous “Club Nights” at Turf Club tomorrow. Minneapolis’ event will feature performances from Beasthead, Ancient Mariner and Savannah Smith, rounding out what should be a good time. This one is 21+ and tickets are on sale now for $8, with some of the proceeds benefiting Kulture Klub. If you’re looking for something to fill out your week, click the link below and cop your tickets.

Communion Club Night Tickets

HBO x Banksy: “Better Out Than In” Documentary

Banksy bust in Blissville Queens, NYC

HBO has announced a pretty cool documentary following British street artist Banksy’s, extended stay in New York City last year. Banksy’s month long residency is called Better Out Than In and apparently HBO will present the documented Film to the masses this fall. There was a lot of controversy surrounding some of Banksy’s pieces during the residency with many people speaking out against it. November 17th is the date to mark on your calender, re-dubbed Banksy Does New York, the documentary will air in it’s entirety.

Banksy Hits England

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British street artist Banksy, is back on the streets in anticipation of his upcoming HBO documentary, Banksy Does New York. The first piece has since been removed, but depicted a flock of xenophobic pigeons casting out a colorful bird that’s obviously from a different environment. Banksy loves to get political so this may be a commentary on the current ebola crisis in Africa? The second piece shows an elderly lady staring at a removed piece of art, touching on street art’s beauty, yet short life span. Peep the pics above and be on the look out for more from Banksy as the release of Banksy Does New York draws closer.

Banksy Robin Williams Tribute?


Pictures of a supposed Robin Williams have been making the rounds on the internet with many believing it was painted by Banksy himself. Let’s get this straight, just because something is stenciled does not mean it was done by Banksy, especially in the wake of his ever-rising popularity. That being said, it’s definitely possible. The image shows William’s holding a clown head in a noose, dark, but fitting considering the circumstances of his death. Banksy hasn’t taken credit and probably wont, for now we’re left to ponder the possibilities.

Bentley Continental GT3-R

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British auto-makers Bentley recently unveiled their latest beast. Taking inspiration from the GT3 race car, the Continental GT3-R is being billed as the fastest Bentley to date. The car’s 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 allows it to hit 0-60 mph in well under 4 seconds (3.6), for whenever you’re late for a meeting. With only 300 vehicles slated for production, you’ll be lucky if you ever see one on the street. No word on a release date or price yet….does it even matter?