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GoodKarmaNiles – Paper Racer Ft. Hard R & Tek

The SPVCE crew has seen an uptick in activity as of late with multiple members releasing new music while taking stages across the metro. Despite some misunderstandings the crew is as solid as ever, Dogfood Media assisting their rise with well captured visuals. GoodKarmaNiles recently dropped a new video titled, “Paper Racer,” gritty and dark in signature SPVCE style it holds true to the record’s feel. St. Paul’s own Tek and one of the southside’s youngest up and comers, Hard R, contribute solid verses; it’s good to get a better look at the entirety of the crew on the same track. At the very end you’ll get a bonus look at “Ghost & Gordan,” check out the video for “Paper Racer” above and be on the look out for the full “Ghost & Gordans.”

GoodKarmaNiles & Arvell Genius – Made For This (Video)

The SPVCE crew has always had a unique aesthetic and sound, some would even say they’ve influenced many of the younger artists coming up in the Twin Cities. 2 members, GoodKarmaNiles & Arvell Genius, recently released a visual for their track “Made For This.” The uptempo, heavy hitting instrumental rolls along while both artists contribute solid verses. SPVCE is really coming into themselves as a collective, hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg. Peep the video for “Made For This” above and keep an eye out for more from SPVCE.

SPVCE House [Recap Video]

The homies from SPVCE held their first full on event at Icehouse last weekend. The anticipation leading up to the show was palpable and by all accounts it appears they delivered a great night. When the SPVCE crew falls through you can expect thick clouds of smoke to follow. Check out the short recap video above by Alan de Leon Taverna and stay tuned for more from SPVCE.

TVKRS – Ghost & Gordan

The homies RP Hooks & GoodKarma Niles took to Twitter last night to release a new track titled “Ghost & Gordan.” The SPVCE crew has been very active as of late, whether it’s a slew of new music from individual members or a string of recent performances. Just ahead of their SPVCE House party on January 28th, “Ghost & Gordan” surely proves a point. The murky production falls inline with all things SPVCE, while Niles & Hooks flash a high level of chemistry. Peep “Ghost & Gordan” above for yourself and click the link for more info regarding their upcoming show.

SPVCE House via Icehouse


The homies from BLVCK SPVCE have been pretty quiet as of late taking time out to work on their upcoming project. The multi-faceted crew recently dropped some newness titled, “YūNu,” a slow rising banger that builds anticipation as it creeps along. Produced by 1990, the instrumental suits all three MCs well as each offers a unique sound within their own verses. A while back we got a chance to listen in on BLVCK SPVCE’s vault, just know that this is the tip top of the iceberg. Check out “YūNu” above and keep an eye out for more from BLVCK SPVCE.

Turquoise Jeep LIVE @ Triple Rock Social Club


Location: 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Sunday, March 15th @ 8PM

The guys from Turquoise Jeep will be back in Minneapolis tonight. After shutting down the Fine Line last year with Lil Debbie, the crew returns with GoodKarmaNiles (BLVCK SPVCE) opening up the night. This one’s 18+ and tickets are available for $17 ($20 @ Door), click the link below to grab yours now, this should definitely be a good time.

Turquoise Jeep Tickets


After shutting down the Triple Rock last Friday, BLVCK SPVCE is back with a brand new track. Produced by 1990, the record hits harder than ever featuring an abundance of that now signature BLVCK SPVCE style. “THE WVLL” sees a verse from Major G, who also put forth an awesome set last Friday; rounding out another very solid record. If you still don’t know, these dudes are on the up and up. With a few big shows, including an opening slot for the upcoming Travi$ Scott show; BLVCK SPVCE continues to show why they’re one of Minneapolis’ hottest new collectives. Check out “THE WVLL” above and click the link below to RSVP to their next show.

RB: Travi$ Scott x Bobby Raps x BLVCK SPVCE

GoodKarmaNiles – R O L L


GoodKarmaNiles recently took to Twitter to drop a new single titled, “R O L L”. Sticking with the dark, ambient sound of his BLVCK SPVCE brethren, Niles gives us a glimpse into his grind. The record hit’s hard as fuck, you should play this in a vehicle whenever you get the chance. The undecipherable sound clips add to the tracks murky atmosphere, these dude’s are definitely cultivating a unique sound within Minneapolis’ booming music scene. With their next show on January 30th, it’ll be interesting to see if Niles or BLVCK SPVCE have anything else up their sleeves before the event. Check out “R O L L” below and be on the look out for more.

GoodKarmaNiles – VII

GoodKarmaNiles recently took to Twitter to drop a new track titled “VII”. Produced by AMATI of BLVCK SPVCE, Niles keeps things in-house with this high energy record. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard Niles solo, but between BLVCK SPVCE and Create Karma the man’s been awfully busy. Peep “VII” above and make sure to keep an eye out for more from GoodKarmaNiles and BLVCK SPVCE.