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‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Infiltrator’ Opening in Theaters This Weekend

The long anticipated Ghostbusters reboot with Melissa McCarthy (The Heat, Spy), Kristen Wiig (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Martian), Kate McKinnon (Ted 2, Finding Dory), and Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live, Trainwreck) is now playing in theaters nationwide. Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) has faced some harsh opposition to rebooting the series, but the film is still expected to earn a large haul at this weekend’s box office. Picking up 30 years after the last installment, a new female crew of ‘busters reopens the original location and works to rid New York of its paranormal residents. Original actors Bill Murray (Caddyshack, Stripes), Dan Aykroyd (The Blue Brothers, Tommy Boy), Ernie Hudson (Joy of Sex, The Crow), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Avatar), and Annie Potts (Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Toy Story) are all expected to make cameo appearances throughout the film, so it should be a pretty fun summer blockbuster. Also opening in theaters this weekend is a new drama from director Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, Runner Runner) called The Infiltrator. Continue reading

McConaughey Continues Hot Streak With New HBO Drama ‘True Detective’


Matthew McConaughey is making a pretty impressive comeback in Hollywood these days. The 45 year old actor has appeared in several major films in the last couple years, one of which has now earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. McConaughey began taking on more challenging roles back in 2011 with The Lincoln Lawyer from director Brad Furman. The actor then appeared in director Jeff Nichols’ Mud (2012), in which he plays an escaped prisoner who evades law enforcement with the help of two young boys. His most recent appearances, however, have been his most popular projects of his career. McConaughey played a small part in Martin Scorsese’s new film The Wolf of Wall Street, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. Wall Street has already received five Oscar nominations and earned Leonardo DiCaprio a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Although McConaughey’s role in the film was very small, his next lead project would bring him to a new level on Hollywood’s list of A-list actors. Dallas Buyers Club follows the story of Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), an electrician who begins hustling illegal AIDS medication over the US/Mexican border after he, himself, is diagnosed with the disease. Dallas has already earned McConaughey and Jared Leto Golden Globes for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, and has also been nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (McConaughey), and Best Supporting Actor (Jared Leto).


With the Academy Awards coming up soon, Hollywood is waiting to see if McConaughey will join the ranks of the Oscar-winners, the actor’s next project is already well underway on HBO. True Detective, which aired on HBO earlier this month, follows two Louisiana detectives as they recount the details of a homicide case they worked together in 1995. The show was created by Nic Pizzolatto, who won a Writers Guild of America award for AMC’s crime drama The Killing, and co-stars Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan. There haven’t been any talks of award nominations or anything like that as of yet, but with the first season already six episodes in, the screenwriting has proven superbly written, and McConaughey is delivering a performance few in Hollywood thought he had ten years ago when he was appearing in movies like How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days (2003), Sahara (2005), and Failure To Launch (2006). If he keeps this up, McConaughey could very well continue to rise up as a veteran actor in Hollywood. The actor will next be appearing in The Dark Knight and Inception director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Interstellar, which is due out in November and co-stars Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, and Michael Caine. You can catch up on True Detective, and continue with the new series on HBO.

RADIUS-TWC Acquires Pablo Escobar Film ‘Paradise Lost’


Deadline Hollywood reported today that Raius-TWC acquired the North American rights for the Pablo Escobar film Paradise Lost for $2 million. The film is directed by Andrea Di Stefano and costars Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Brady Corbet, and Claudia Traisac, with Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro in the role of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The story follows a young man who visits Columbia and falls for and marries a local girl, only to discover he has married the kingpin’s niece, whose uncle then begins to lure him into the family business. The film is produced by Dimitri Rassam and Romain Le Grand, with Pathe and Frederique Dumas of Orange Studio, as Miquel Angel Faura from Roxbury and uMedia. The film is expected to be released later this year. As you may know, Hollywood studios have been attempting to get a film chronicling the life of Pablo Escobar for several years now, with titles including The Ballad of Pablo Escobar. Beneicio Del Toro was once involved with a similar project, and actors like John Lequizamo and directors like Brad Furman have at different points been attached to various projects regarding the cartel leader, but until now, nothing had gained enough speed to get from the production stage to the big screen. A fun spin on the situation was taken in the HBO series Entourage, where fictional actor Vince Chase took on the role of Escobar in an independent picture called Medellin, which was accepted for showing at the Cannes Film Festival only to receive terrible reviews and being released straight to DVD. Paradise Lost takes the name from the famous 12-book poem by John Milton, which was published in 1667 and covers such matters as the War in Heaven, and the temptations of Lucifer on Adam and Eve. I’m not sure whether the filmmakers meant to make this connection or not, intentionally using the character of Satan in the original poem as an analogy for Escobar himself, but I guess we’ll see sometime soon. Hopefully this movie is worth the wait; if it stays true to the depths of Escobar’s character and the violence-fueled world that he was a part of and doesn’t focus too heavily on the supporting love story, it should be a pretty good movie, especially with Benicio Del Toro appearing as Escobar.

Runner Runner Hits Theaters This Friday


Brad Furman’s upcoming action thriller Runner Runner is coming to theaters this Friday. Starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck as a college student who gets involved with a high stakes gambler (respectively), the film is the first release for director Furman since The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), which starred Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei. The film was a hit at the box office but failed to secure any major awards or nominations. Nevertheless, fans of Furman have been waiting in high hopes for this next release, which should prove to be pretty entertaining after seeing the trailer. Ben Affleck may actually be decent in this one too, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Check out the trailer here on MADE.

John Lequizamo Set to Play Pablo Escobar In King of Cocaine


Despite the uncertainty of whether or not there really would be a full length film regarding the life of one of the world’s most famous drug kingpins, Relativity Media has picked up Brad Furman’s The Ballad of Pablo Escobar that has been floating around since 2011. The film will be re-titled King of Cocaine under the new production company, and will star rumored actor John Leguizamo in the lead role. Despite early speculation that Benicio Del Toro would be starring as Escobar, and even more recent reports of Oscar Issac playing the part, Furman has been pushing hard for Leguizamo despite concerns from studios. Leguizamo starred in Furman’s first film The Take (2007) and most recently held a supporting role in the director’s upcoming film Runner Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Landing a lead role like this could be huge for Leguizamo, who has always provided great performances in supporting roles in films like Miracle at Saint Anna (2008) and Carlito’s Way (1993). Seeing him take on a role as important and unique as Pablo Escobar should be really exciting!

DiCaprio to Produce H.G. Wells


Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his ability to take on challenging roles with versatility and style, but these days he seems to be more focused on producing than acting. His next acting role will be in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which DiCaprio plays Wall Street tycoon Jordan Belfort, who fell from the top when the federal government began an investigation into his high-life activities. From the producer’s seat, however, DiCaprio has the luxury of choosing projects he finds artistically appealing, even if he doesn’t have any interest in starring in them. His production company Appian Way has already undertaken projects with major directors, including Brad Furman for the upcoming Runner Runner starring Ben Affleck. The company is also in works to take on H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, which has had several film adaptations over the years beginning in 1932 and most recently starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer. Screenwriters Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman will be writing the adaptation. Both writers recently received an Emmy nomination for Hemlock Grove, a new series available on Netflix. With the project still extremely early in production it will still be a while before a release date is set, but with DiCaprio backing the film the writers may take extra measures to get it done in a timely fashion.

Ben Affleck Lands Role of Batman in Man of Steel Sequel


Finally we can put a decisive end to this onslaught of gossip and rumors that’s been hitting Hollywood and the web like spam since the Comic Con announcement of a Batman-vs-Superman movie. Man of Steel 2, which has been scheduled for release July 17, 2015, will feature a Batman-vs-Superman plot loosely based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and will feature Ben Affleck as Batman! Affleck will be joining a long list of actors that have played the part, including George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Adam West, and most recently Christian Bale. Henry Cavill will be reprising the role of Superman, along with Amy Adams as Louis Lane and Diane Lane as Mrs. Kent. Director Zack Snyder will also be returning for the film which is being distributed by Warner Bros. Ben Affleck is an interesting choice for Batman. He is a seasoned actor who will be taking on an older character that must retain both Bruce Wayne’s misguiding demeanor and Batman’s passion for justice.


On a personal note, though, I think Superman is getting jipped! If you want to make a Batman-vs-Superman movie then by all means make it, but at least let Superman have his own sequel! Even Iron Man got individual second and third installments while also featuring the same actor (Robert Downey Jr.) in The Avengers movie, so why would you rob Superman fans of a legitimate Superman story, like the rise of Lex Luther or something? I don’t know, just fuel for thought. Affleck’s next movie release is Runner Runner, which co-stars Justin Timberlake and is directed by Brad Furman, who also in the production stages for The Ballad of Pablo Escobar. Escobar is supposed to come out sometime in 2014 and will star Oscar Isaac (Robin Hood, The Bourne Legacy) in the lead role. I’m pretty excited about this one so keep an eye out for updates!

The Ballad of Pablo Escobar


I know it sounds like this title belongs on the track listing of an Elton John or Billy Joel album, but a full length feature film focused on the life of the late Columbian drug kingpin is really in the works, and John Leguizamo is currently in the running to play the lead role. Director Brad Furman, who worked with Leguizamo in The Lincoln Lawyer, is hoping to get shooting underway for the long anticipated crimography this September, but as of now the casting is yet to be finalized. Screenwriter Matt Aldrich has a finished script (or at least a finished draft) that has been ready since 2011, but because no one had yet taken up the project the script was blacklisted in 2012. Personally I would really like to see Leguizamo take on a challenging lead role; the actor has shone through as a backbone in the movie industry for years, and has received nominations for the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild, as well as winning an Emmy very early in his career. Brad Furman’s next film, entitled Runner Runner, is set to hit theaters this Fall. If all goes well Furman could potentially be well into the production process for Pablo by the time of Runner‘s October 4th release.