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Flamingosis – Autumn Fling

It’s been awhile since we featured a beat from the upcoming producer, Flamingosis. On my ride home, this tune came on at what seemed to be the right time. After rounding the corner and blowing leaves down the side of the road , this track suddenly became one of our fall jams. This funky edit deserved a second go with the guitars swinging and the bass jumpin’ – we had to turn up for “Autumn Fling”.

RUFF ÐR∆FT – One From Central


RUFF ÐR∆FT just released this fresh beat yesterday and it hasn’t left our thoughts yet. The smooth drums backed by the soothing syth’s and keys, make for one enjoyable record by the producer out of Oakland. The beat bumps all the way to the end as it continuously builds and changes directions throughout. Stay tuned for more form the artist and feel free to cop the track for a $1.


Pharrell – Gust of Wind ft. Daft Punk

It looks like the collaborations haven’t stopped with these two groups. This latest track off of, G I R L, is downright funky. It is to bad these guys haven’t made an album together yet, cause that would be littered with hit songs. What baffles us is that we can’t recall a record that Daft Punk was ever featured on. Between all of Pharrell’s recent success and now this, it seems as if his fame will continue to rise. Enjoy it while you can, because in a few weeks this will be repetitive as all hell.

[NEW] Big Boi ft. Phantogram x Sade

Now this is what I call fresh, DAYUMMM! Big Boi and Phantogram, I would have never of imagined this collaboration, but it exceeds any expectations. This smooth-Jazz flow is simply one to keep on repeat. If this is anything indicating what the upcoming OutKast album will sound like, we are all for it. In just a few months, this will be played lakeside, guaranteed.

WARNING: If you press play, your next 5mn will be consumed by these funky vibes. Enjoy.

Weekend Classics #12 – Fatback Band

The American Funk/Disco group, Fatback, stands out as our twelfth choice for the Weekend Classics. The group was ever popular in the 70s and 80s throughout the ‘disco’ era.

The Fatback Band formed in New York City, in which they were named after Bill Curtis, a session drummer, whom famously converged the “fatback” jazz beat into a funk band. This sound would later be what they were mostly known for, creating much of their success in the mid 70s.

After hitting their first success with the single, “Street Dance,” the group dropped from Perception Records and signed with Spring/Polydor and began to pump out a string of hit singles. This resulted in dropping ‘Band’ at the end of their name, leaving them to just be Fatback.  The Fatback are still found to be playing shows to this day, as they continue to bring the heat from the funk and disco era that is no longer. Pay this great group some homage and press play and go cop a Vinyl.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Releases FREE LP ‘ILLER THAN MOST’


If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, it is hard to not be a fan of Del. Within the last 24 hours, Del released this free LP for our listening pleasures. His experimental album is pretty dope and definitely fun to listen to. From goofy ass lines to unorthadox beats, all of which is produced by himself, makes for a legit album. Peep it below and don’t forget to add it to your collection.

Deltron 3030 LIVE @ First Avenue w/ Dan The Automator & Kid Koala


Location: 701 N First Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Sunday, October 20th @ 8PM

Deltron 3030 will be swinging through the Twin Cities tomorrow as they continue their “Event 2” tour. The show will also feature solo sets from Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator & a DJ set by Kid Koala rounding out what’s looking to be a dope event. Tickets for this one are $22 in advance & $25 at the door if it doesn’t sell out, the show is 18+ so you’ll be lucky to snag tickets at the door. That being said if you’re interested in going you should probably get your tickets NOW. Stay tuned for more as the weekend rolls along, plenty of cool events to hit up in the city of lakes today and tomorrow.