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Photographer Manuel Alvarez Diesto

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It is photographers like Manuel that are inspiring to watch and see what they can come up with. Manuel travels to different countries and captures the essence of what it is like to live nearby or outside of major cities across the world. Some of his previous work has been in Egypt, China and South Korea. These are just some of our photos that are available across the internet. Feel free to thumb through and visit the link below.


Thriftworks – Fader


One week ago, we posted Thriftworks’ first part to his three part series, Fade. Yesterday, the CA producer released part two, entitled Fader. The 33 track record hits heavy from start to finish – even with 1hr and 30mn of music, Thriftworks keeps you tuned in. Fader opens up with more curiosity and less of a ominous tone than Fade.  It is interesting to see how he has progressed with his overall tone and melody’s on his second release – it will be interesting to hear what he does on part III. Press play and let Thriftworks take you through a one of a kind journey with Fader.

Stay tuned for part III, Fadest on 12/1/14

Lighter Case: Lighter attachment for phones

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Ditch your lighters people, it looks like there is a new alternative. In all seriousness, these new lighter cases are pretty well built. Even though it may seem like an odd idea to strap a heating mechanism to the phone’s battery, the case is steel and features a locking mechanism. The lighter case also comes with an external battery with a USB charger. For a lighter that lasts as long as “3 packs of cigs”, you also get a solid case on your phone. Just cough up one Jefferson and it is yours.

* Phone cases are available for iPhone 5’s and Galaxy S5’s.


Zuke Saga – KING SIVE EP



If you remotely visit the MADE Blog, you know that we do pay attention to the world outside of Minneapolis and Chicago. One of the artists that we have had on our radar, is Seattle emcee/producer J’Von. The latest project KING SIVE, which features the emcee Zuke Sage, is entirely produced and mastered by J’Von and E-Grady. This short and sweet record brings it back to how hip-hop used to be; straight bass, drums and creative flow. Make sure to give this 12mn record a listen and turn those speakers up. Let us know what you think about Zuke Saga’s KING SIVE EP here at MADE.

Free Download of King Sive EP. 

Greg Grease – Really Tho


It has been a minute since we’ve heard a new release from the local favorite Greg Grease — and lets just say this one bumps. “Really Tho” features production by ZULUZULUU and Medium Zach, which make for one hell of a beat to ride to. The track’s overall production quality matched with GG’s on point lyricism, once again make for another fine record. Stay tuned here as we look forward in hearing more from the forthcoming album, Born to Lurk Forced to Work.

[MADE] Recap – July 4th Pool Party with PrettyBoy


This year the 4th of July featured cops, pissed off neighbors, and lots and lots of smoke. Even though the unfortunate happened, the night was highlighted by a live set with PrettyBoy. After the music ended, loud cheers followed by an encore left everyone wanting more. Next thing you know, the third keg gets tapped and and the sun is rising and our livers shrink ever so slightly. Take a peep at some of the night’s photos and hit us up for the ‘exclusive’ photos here at MADE.

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King BEE – Self Titled Album Sampler


A few weeks ago the British Jazz Funk Ensemble, King BEE, released their self titled album. While the band mostly performs in Europe, they do make their way to the states, and lets hope this happens sometime in 2014. If you are looking for a absolutely funky groove to get down to, look no further. The group features: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Trombone, Flute, Trumpet, Sax, and a Vibraphone. For those who for a new jazz group to get down to, or simply looking for some fresh new samples, King BEE has what you need.


[New] DENON’s Envaya Speaker

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The company out of the UK, DENON, has developed a brand new speaker that enables three users to pair up to it simultaneously. All that is needed, is NFC capabilities, Bluetooth, a smartphone, and you are set. These new speakers allow for up to 10 hours of battery with only a 2.5 hour charge time. It also has a built in auxiliary port and functions as a mobile charger with it’s USB charging port. The Envaya, is now one of THE best portable speakers on the market. Oh, and don’t worry about re-pairing your phone to the speaker as it memorizes everyones device that it links up with.

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Stay tuned as it’s making its way to the US for $199.99

NEW Mini Superleggera Vision

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‘The absolutely visually stunning roadster built complete with an electric drive-train is the latest car from BMW’s MINI. The MINI Superleggera Vision is built after the classic roadster racing styled cars, yet perfectly blends the tradition of classic Italian coachwork construction. The car is still a concept, as it was just unveiled. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, as it would be some time before it hits production.

For More Visit Touring Superleggera