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This Week In Movie History…


On September 20, 1956, director William Wyler‘s Friendly Persuasion was released in theaters in the United States. Based on the book by Jessamyn West, the story revolves around a Quaker family in 1862, whose faith and belief in non-violence is tested when Confederate troops come sweeping through their land and the family must decide whether to fight or to remain complacent. The film was written by screenwriter Michael Wilson (A Place in the Sun, Planet of the Apes), and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenwriting. It wasn’t until 2002, however, that Wilson would receive legitimate recognition for his work on the film. Continue reading

MADE Previews: “FACES”

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So we go to a ton of shows and parties and shit, over the years we’ve compiled massive amounts of photographs with a lot of them left to collect dust in our vaults. We’ve decided to start sharing more and more of these photographs via a new series titled “FACES.” These albums will mostly feature behind the scenes photos of artists, but it will by NO means be limited to that, literally unfiltered scenes. Since we just finished up a string of shows last week we thought why not kick things off now? Check out a quick preview of “FACES” above and keep an eye out for more.