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The Pengest Munch Ep. 6

The Chicken Connoisseur is back with episode 6 of his ongoing YouTube series. This time he’ll be hitting up Chick King in London’s Tottenham neighborhood. As usual the crep is on point, but the chicken is as neutral as it gets. Check out the video for yourself above and keep an eye out for episode 7.

Places + Faces Episode 6

Places + Faces continues will episode 6 of their ongoing documentary. This time Paris is the destination with appearances from J $TA$H, Ken Rebel, Uzi and A$AP Nast among others. Awkward and directionless, yet entertaining; check out episode 6 above and stay tuned for the next installment.

Fuck, That’s Delicious w/ Action Bronson: The Talented Mr. Wonderful

Action Bronson’s Vice powered web-series Fuck, That’s Delicious, continues with episode 6 “The Talented Mr. Wonderful”. The episode kicks off in Copenhagen with some fine dining at NOMA, leading to a barbecue session with Matt Orlando, head chef and owner of AMASS. Bronson proceeds to devour the entire menu before meeting up with Lee Tiernan at Barbecue in The Backyard (MORE BBQ), a place Action swears by. From Copenhagen to Chicago, Action jumps to the Windy City for a bite by bite comparison of dogs, all before sitting down for dinner with Coach Ditka at his steakhouse. Towards the end, Bronson even stops by Wiener Circle for another late night munch down (Riff Raff sighting?), check out episode 6 above and keep an eye out for the next one.

GTA Mythbusters: Episode 6

The guys at DefendTheHouse released the latest episode from their GTA V Mythbusters series. In the Mythbusters series, DefendTheHouse continuously finds and debunks things you can do within the game that not many would think of. Some of these are pretty in-depth; for instance, hiding in the box truck could really come in handy. If your a fan of the game, check out some of these “Myths”.