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The Pengest Munch Ep. 2

The Chicken Connoisseur is back with episode 2 of The Pengest Munch. This time around he makes the trek to Eden’s Cottage in London’s Finsbury Park district. The episode starts with the infamous “crep check,” before launching into hilarity once again. This kid is really keen on fried chicken, we especially like his continuous banter with the camera man. Check out the video above for yourself and keep an eye out for episode 3.

Noisey Atlanta: “Welcome To The Trap” Episode 2

Noisey is back with episode 2 of their “Welcome To The Trap” documentary, featuring Atlanta’s current hip hop scene. In the 1st episode, Thomas Morton kicked it with BMF’s Bleu Davinchi and Curtis Snow (Snow On Da Bluff), before meeting The Migos towards the end. In episode 2, he continues his meeting with The Migos with a sneak peak inside the “Bando Mansion”. The Migos might not be the most personable rappers, but the episode still holds some entertainment value throughout. Check it out above and make sure to stay tuned for episode 3.

#BGSW: Big GRRRL Small Donut Shop

Lizzo continues her Big Grrrl Small World web-series with episode 2, “Big GRRRL, Small Donut Shop”. This time around, Lizzo and crew makes a stop at Glam Doll Donuts for a little behind the scenes donut making. Another entertaining episode from Minneapolis’ leading lady, peep episode 2 above as they create Lizzo’s signature donut.

Fuck, That’s Delicious w/ Action Bronson: Rap Shows & BBQ

Action Bronson & Vice are back with the 2nd episode of their new web-series Fuck, That’s Delicious. In this episode, Bronson gets his cousin out of jail before heading out on tour. What follows is a slew of rap shows and stops at whichever town’s best food spots. As we all know by now, Bronsolini doesn’t play when it comes to his food; the man was a chef for Christ’s sake. Action even gives us a little recipe for guac & rib eye, rounding out another good episode. Take a look above and make sure to look out for episode 3 soon.

Noisey Presents: Welcome To Chiraq Ep 2

About a week back we posted the first part of Noisey’s new 8 part documentary entitled, “Welcome To Chiraq”. In the second episode, Thomas Morton hangs with Chief Keef in New York City before meeting with MGS back in Chicago. Global Gangstas & the CPD also make appearances in the episode, as Morton tries to get a better perspective of just how different life is on the South Side. Peep the video above and stay tuned for part 3.