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VICELAND: Huang’s World – Jamaica (Episode 1)

Eddie Huang is a pioneer and an inspiration. The law school drop out turned accredited chef is now one of VICE’s most revered personalities. Since his first show Fresh of The Boat, Eddie has since inked a deal with ABC and rebooted his own “Huang’s World” series via VICELAND. In episode 1, Eddie hits up Jamaica for a better look at the island’s culinary ingenuity as well as it’s culture. Follow Rich Homie Huang as he enjoys what the people and places of Jamaica have to offer.

VICELAND x Thrasher: King of The Road (Ep.1)


The boys from VICELAND and Thrasher are finally ready to roll out King of The Road 2015. This year’s contest will feature Birdhouse, Toy Machine, and Chocolate; 3 well equipped teams who each have pretty storied histories. In episode 1, King of The Road’s creator Michael Burnett, gives a little history lesson while reminiscing on previous years. A good time no doubt, click the link below to check out the 1st installment via VICELAND’s official website.

VICELAND x Thrasher: “King of The Road ep.1

Noisey Atlanta: “Welcome To The Trap” Episode 1

Vice’s music division, Noisey, is back with yet another documentary, this time documenting Atlanta’s current hip hop renaissance. In episode 1, Noisey links up with Curtis Snow (Snow On Da Bluff) for a little “cooking”, before linking up with Black Mafia Family rapper Bleu Davinchi. Not sure if Thomas Morton was kidding or not, but he actually asks “Who is Big Meech”, a question that anyone who knows Atlanta, or the streets, should definitely know. At the end of the episode Bleu and BMF head to Magic City Strip Club to meet up with the Migos. Check out the first episode above and keep an eye out for part 2.

Pretty Petty Podcast EP.1: THOTS & Other Drugs

The girls from Hologram Kizzie started their Pretty Petty Podcast just over a week ago. The episode “THOTS and other Drugs” features Psalm One, Angel Davanport and Fluffy with special guest NeoDotCom. An interesting listen for sure, with conversations ranging from the “Queen of Petty”, Drake/Diddy, Chicago hip hop and how they all came together as one; they even play a few tracks of theirs throughout. If you’ve got a little time to kill and want to listen, check it out above.

#BGSW: Big GRRRL Small Get Together

A few days ago we posted the trailer for Lizzo’s web-series and today we’ve got the first episode. “Big GRRRL Small Get Together” follows Lizzo as she asks the “important” questions at the Minnesota State Fair. Short but entertaining, the first episode is definitely worth the watch; check it out above and be on the look out for episode 2.

Halfway Cooks Ep 1: Toki Wright x Big Cats

Minneapolis has a brand new web-series in Halfway Cooks. With the belief that all of the best conversations occur over a plate of food, the good people at Halfway Cooks present episode 1 with Toki Wright & Big Cats. With Pangaea releasing yesterday, there couldn’t be better timing. Join Toki Wright & Big Cats as they talk music and more, all over a plate of pad thai.

Fuck, That’s Delicious w/ Action Bronson: The Best Milkshake Ever

Vice’s food division Munchies, recently kicked off a new series featuring none other than Queens rapper (and ex-chef) Action Bronson. Aptly named Fuck, That’s Delicious, the series will follow Action as he brings us to some of his favorite food spots. Along the way, Bronsolini catches us up with his recent escapades including touring around the world with Eminem. In the first episode, Bronson brings us to one of his favorite Italian restaurants all before grabbing what he claims is the “best milkshake ever”. Peep episode 1 above and keep an eye out for the next one.