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Good Luck Finding Iris EP Release Party @ Public Functionary

Location: 1400 12th Avenue NE, Minneapolis
When: Thursday, December 28th @ 7PM

Towards the end of the month, the kids from Good Luck Finding Iris will hold the release party for their EP “Patience” at Public Functionary. The 4 member band has been under the radar to the masses, but those in the know have been clamoring for a full project. The event will feature performances from two of our personal favorites in Radio Ahlee and Shrimpnose, but will also feature Joz and Wulfchild. This one is all ages and tickets are still available for only $8. If you know like we know, you’ll cop your tickets sooner rather than later, click the link below to buy yours now.

Good Luck Finding Iris Tickets

Nazeem & Spencer Joles “Years Of Obscurity” EP Release Show

Location: 701 1st Avenue N, Minneapolis
When: Friday, September 8th @ 10PM

Nazeem & Spencer Joles are two of the brightest young artists emerging within the Twin Cities hip hop scene. The duo followed up their 2016 project, The Album, with this years critically acclaimed, Years of Obscurity; it’s hard to imagine that they could have progressed so much. Arguably Minnesota’s best hip hop releases of 2017, Years of Obscurity feels like something that marks the beginning of a larger quest. The two will be live at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry tonight along with DJ Keezy, the door is 18+ and tickets are still available for only $10. This is a must see show that will most likely sell out, click the link below to buy your tickets now.

Nazeem & Spencer Joles Tickets

Arvell Genius “MYDVYZVRE#”

Arvell Genius recently released his debut EP, MYDVYZVRE#, a sonic exploration of self and an observation of the world around him. A member of SPVCE, the crew is known for their top notch production, all of which is done in house; MYDVYZVRE# is a perfect example. Arvell’s cryptic, often introspective observations sound schizophrenic at times, the vocal mixing adds to this feeling on tracks like “Assasssment” and “Loop.” At just under 20 mins, MYDVYZVRE# is a dense project that warrants multiple listens. Check it out above and stay tuned for more from Arvell Genius.

Beasthead “I Owe You For This” EP Release Show

Location: 2528 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Thursday, May 25th @ 9:30PM

The boys from Beasthead just released their new EP, I Owe You For This, and the release party is set to go down tonight at Icehouse. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a new project from them, but they’ve always delivered well crafted work. Their live shows have transformed since the days of Tallest Trees, so we’re looking forward to seeing where they’re at now. The lineup for the night also features Cool Pollution, MAKR, and DJ sets by Keith Millions. This event 21+ to enter and the door will only cost you $7, click the link below for more information.

Beasthead EP Release Party

Capital Ode “Dollar Menu”

Capital Ode has always dropped quality music on a consistent basis, his first release of 2017, Dollar Menu, continues that trend. Ode dedicates the EP to a Wendy’s employee who once clowned him for paying for his order with change, a nod to every kid who has done the same. The 4 track project is entirely produced by Drum Fu, his jazzy production laying the foundation for Capital Ode’s refined lyricism. Flashes of next level artistry abound, Capital Ode continues to progress with each new release. Check out Dollar Menu above an be on the look out for more from Capital Ode.

Finding Novyon “Super Saiyan 2”

Finding Novyon has had a superb 2016. The kid has criss-crossed the nation performing shows from Philly to L.A. and everywhere in between, he even managed to blaze the stage at Soundset 2016 making his mark as one of the day’s stand out performers. One look at his Soundcloud will show a plethora of new music, Novy has released 3 (!) projects this year; living up to his reputation as one of Minneapolis’ hardest working artists. A couple of weeks ago he dropped, Super Saiyan 2 the follow up to February’s hit Super Saiyan. A step away from the more laid back sounds of Believe in MPLS, Novy doubles down with a barrage of high octane bangers. Production from Sonny Digital dots the track list while Ness Nite, Webster X, Jace and Curtis Williams of Two-9 fill the only features. We can’t wait to see some of these live, check out Super Saiyan 2 above and be on the look out for more from Finding Novyon.

Late Arrival – “Drifting” (Video)

Late Arrival, whom hails out of MPLS, recently released their visual for “Drifting”.  The video, mainly showcases visuals around NE, Minneapolis – the duos current home. With a late night ride on a ferris wheel, a stroll down Lowry, and a quick stop at the train station – it’s clear where they stay. This is the first time the hip-hop duo landed into the mix here at MADE and with the brand new release of their album, Hamartia, it’s only right to show Late Arrival some love. Peep the video above and press play to experience their latest project.


Lucien Parker “Take A Breath” EP


Minneapolis’ southside has been making a lot of noise as of late with a plethora of artists emerging outside of that classic “southside” sound. One such artist is Lucien Parker, a true MC that weaves intricate and heartfelt stories into his verses with ease. Lucien recently dropped an EP dubbed Take A Breath, a soulful, jazz influenced record that actually feels good to listen to. Splashes of J. Cole & Chance The Rapper are undertones when one looks at the entire project, sure there is plenty of work to be done, but Lucien Parker is definitely on the right track. Word around town is that he’ll join Milwaukee artist Wave Chappelle on tour at the top of the year, if you like what you hear you can catch him LIVE next Saturday at The Creek. Click the link below for more info and check out Lucien Parker’s Take A Breath EP below.

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Greg Grease “Motif ii” EP

The South side’s own Greg Grease recently dropped a new EP for all of our listening pleasure. Titled Motif ii, the 3 track EP is an exercise in introspection mixed with stark social commentary. Grease continues to drop quality over quantity, a true wordsmith in a world where that word is used way too much. Motif ii breezes by in under 10 minutes, the replay value on this one is through the roof. Hopefully this is just a glimpse at what’s to come in the near future, until then, check out Greg Grease’s Motif ii EP above.

BlaccOut Garrison “Hungry Soulful” EP


A few days ago, veteran Twin Cities MC BlaccOut Garrison released his new EP, Hungry Soulful. It’s been a little bit since we’ve gotten a full project from BlaccOut, but he’s steadily re-emerging after a short hiatus. The 6 track EP is an introspective glimpse into BlaccOut’s mind, trials and tribulations. The 1st record, “Bite The Bullet” opens the project nicely and sets the tone for what’s to follow. Soulful indeed, Hungry Soulful is chalk full of substance, it feels very polished and deliberate. BlaccOut displays a high level of lyricism throughout, don’t be afraid to press rewind a few times. A solid body of work from the playful “Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert” to the trunk rattling “Cost Is Wild/Feel It.” Check out the Hungry Soulful EP below and stay tuned for more from BlaccOut Garrison.