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[MADE] Recap – Amplitude @ The Exchange feat. XXYYXX | 9.15.16


This past Thursday, we made our way over to The Exchange in MPLS, to check out the first Amplitude since relaunch – needless to say it was a success. The night featured the likes of XXYYXX, Falls and more.  This was the first night of eight, featuring some talented producers, right here in MPLS. Make sure to stay tuned for more events to come for the next seven weeks, every Thursday. Take a look at the current schedule for Amplitude here, as there are more dope acts to come.


FIGURE @ Porn & Chicken’s Official Spring Awakening Closing Party


Location: 1551 W Division Street, Chicago
When: Monday, June 15th @ 10PM

Spring Awakening might be this weekend, but the guys and gals at Porn & Chicken plan to keep shit going next Monday with their official closing party. The event will feature FIGURE who is pretty high on the EDM totem pole, he’ll definitely fit in well with the pure madness that is PNC. These are always 21+ and general admission tickets for this show are $20, click the link below to grab yours now and check out last week’s party.

FIGURE @ Porn & Chicken Tickets

Rascal – Get to Know Rascal

We have shown some love from Jakarta Records out of Berlin in the past. The records company holds a solid lineup of vets and upcoming producers. If you haven’t explored their music, now is a good time to get started. After hearing the new upcoming producer, Rascal, who hails from West Germany – it is quite refreshing to play. With the opening track, “Elhae’s Joint,” which features horns and deep base, to the mesmerizing “Bass Down,” Rascal shows that he won’t be going anywhere but up. Press play and enjoy as the 19 year old appears to have something to prove.


Thriftworks – Fadest


As promised, Thriftworks has released Fadest, his third and final installment to the series. With Fade, Fader and Fadest now available for our listening pleasure – Thriftworks has brought us an entire collection of experimental electronic music (54 tracks in total) to groove to. All three parts possess a very unique-original  sound to them, solidifying Thriftworks as one solid producer. Incase you missed the first three, peep em below.

Standout Track – “GhostHustler”

Fade | Fader | Fadest

Thriftworks – Fader


One week ago, we posted Thriftworks’ first part to his three part series, Fade. Yesterday, the CA producer released part two, entitled Fader. The 33 track record hits heavy from start to finish – even with 1hr and 30mn of music, Thriftworks keeps you tuned in. Fader opens up with more curiosity and less of a ominous tone than Fade.  It is interesting to see how he has progressed with his overall tone and melody’s on his second release – it will be interesting to hear what he does on part III. Press play and let Thriftworks take you through a one of a kind journey with Fader.

Stay tuned for part III, Fadest on 12/1/14

Arise Wise – Crooked in the First Place


The DC based artist, Arise Wise, released this fresh track off of his upcoming album “Every Mornin”. The instrumental features some dope samples blended with a smooth electro hip-hop. As cheesy as it sounds, this is the perfect cruise track to rise to. Peep the single and stay tuned for more from the upcoming producer.

Sloslylove – The Haunted


One of our favorite local producers, sloslylove, recently released his latest album The Haunted. The album features sloslylove’s signature use of synths and lively bass lines, which make him one of the most interesting and talented producers in our area. The Haunted, is now available for download and most importantly, you can purchase this record on Vinyl for $20. Make sure to take a listen of sloslylove’s latest album and continue to support local artists.


Porn & Chicken: XMAS in July Banger!

The Porn & Chicken crew continue to throw some of the wildest parties any Monday night has ever seen. Last Monday, their XMAS in July party went down and it looks like a damn good time. These guys are on the up and up with events planned in other cities and an increasing amount of music festivals. Check out their last party above and make sure to keep an eye out for next Monday’s addition.

Porn & Chicken w/ Whiiite

The Porn & Chicken crew recently caught up with Whiiite for what looks like an awesome time. Presented by Homeless Cop, this PNC party looks absolutely insane, not that they all aren’t. If you’re never been to one of these, you’re slippin. Step your game up and make sure to hit up Evil Olive next Monday for the next party.

Kinetik Groove – Picking Up The Pieces



The young twenty something year old, Kinetik Groove (Austin O’Meara), recently released his EP Picking Up The Pieces. The 13 track album is free for download and features some heavy electro-hip-hop. These fresh beats possess uplifting melodies with baselines that pack a punch.  It’s interesting to see how different the music scene is around the CO/KS area, as there are more similar upcoming artists such as The Floozies becoming nationally known. Take a listen and make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Kinetik Groove.