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Nomad World Pub


Location: 501 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Fri: 4PM-2AM, Sat-Sun: 8AM-2AM

In recent years, Minneapolis’ West Bank has begun the transformation from a place often overlooked, into a bustling, multi-cultural strip with plenty of cool bars, good restaurants and venues to enjoy live music. One such bar/venue is the Nomad World Pub, which is located just across from Palmer’s; a couple of blocks from the Triple Rock. In addition to a constant rotation of live acts, the Nomad offers bocce ball, pinball (brand new) and even curling in the winter, along with a separate patio complete with a fire pit. Drink specials like 2 for 1s and the good ole’ prefix (PBR & shot) are offered pretty much every night and the music is always on point whether it’s rock, hip hop, soul or a DJ spinning. The Nomad is often at that perfect capacity, not too packed, but far from empty, however; there always seems to be a random influx or two throughout any night, probably due to it’s location between so many other bars. If you’re into futbol, the Nomad is one of the best places in town to catch a match in peace, and game days are usually accompanied with extra specials. All in all, the Nomad World Pub is a great bar to kick back a few brews and enjoy some good local music, they always have good beers on tap and they consistently book quality bands/artists. If you’re ever on the West Bank in search of a place to drink, stop by the Nomad and check out what they have to offer.

The Blue Door Pub (Longfellow)

Blue Door

Location: 3448 42nd Ave, Minneapolis
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM-11PM, Fri-Sat: 11AM-Midnight

The cheeseburger is about as American as it gets, whether you’re kickin back at a dive bar or eating at one of the fanciest places in town, you’re sure to find one on the menu. As we all know, Minneapolis is home to a unique brand of burger, the Jucy Lucy. While Marquee restaurants like Matt’s Bar and 5-8’s Club fight over inventors rights, one place in the Twin Cities has created an entirely new lane for the cheese-filled burgers. The Blue Door Pub has quickly risen the ranks to becoming the “go to” place to get “Minneapolis’ burger” or the popular blue-cheese filled Blucy, the good people at The Blue Door are taking things to the next level. The original St. Paul location is great (a tad small), but Minneapolis’ Longfellow location has them beat by a mile. The dining room is much larger resulting in shorter wait times and a more enjoyable atmosphere. Throw in $2 drafts from local brewers (Indeed, Summit) during happy hour (2PM-5PM) and a clear cut winner starts to emerge. The menu is chalk full of tasty Frankenstein like burgers, take the “Hawaiian” for example. This Jucy Lucy comes stuffed with pineapple, Canadian bacon and mozzarella cheese making for an extremely daunting sight when placed in front of you. Bacon Lucy? Sure, stuffed with cheddar and bacon it’s definitely a favorite among regulars. All in all, The Blue Door Pub is for the adventurous; Matt’s Bar retains it’s true spot as THE home of the Jucy Lucy, but The Blue Door Pub is for people who want to spice things up. If you’re ever in the Longfellow area, or if you some how manage to get a table in St. Paul; stop in and grab yourself one of the Cities’ best burgers.

Modist Brewing


Location: 505 N 3rd Street, Minneapolis
Hours: Tues-Thurs: 4PM-10PM, Fri-Sat: Noon-Midnight, Sun: Noon-8PM

If you are a beer drinker in Minnesota, then you know there is no shortage of solid breweries around the state. The Twin Cities enjoy access to some of the best around, one of which being Dangerous Man Brewing in the Northeast neighborhood. A local favorite, it came as a slight surprise when Keigan Knee parted ways to create a new brewery by the name of Modist. No hard feelings of course, Keigan and his fellow founders have gone on to build one of Minneapolis’ more promising young breweries. Located in the North Loop, Modist is a short walk away from Fulton Brewery and Inbound Brewing, you’ll also find a few of the cities more buzz’d about restaurants within the neighborhood. Their space is massive, a long bar that can accommodate what feels like at least 20 patrons stretches across the room while extra large picnic tables flank the middle of the room. Large glass garage doors open to reveal more picnic tables on the breweries outdoor patio, a favorite spot for Twins fans having a brew before the games. If you aren’t up for communal seating, there are a few single couches and tables laid out further from the main area. One look at their tap list and you’ll notice that it doesn’t offer the widest variety quite yet, but their Salted Caramel Lager and Haymaker IPA are two beers worthy of a try, you can even opt for $3-$4 10oz glasses. One thing we especially love about this place is their knack for infusions, they provide a uniquely infused beer each week. If you enjoy trying new things you should keep an eye on Modist, we’re sure they’re just getting started. Clink the link below to check out their website and stay tuned for updates.


C C. Club


Location: 2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis
Hours: Sun-Sat: 8AM-2AM

As Minneapolis’ bar scene becomes more and more introverted, the old diamonds in the rough are beginning to reclaim their old shine. Dive bars like Liquor Lyle’s, Mortimer’s, Gringo’s & C.C Club are busier than ever proving that it’s not all about the trendy spots. Situated on 28th Street and Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis’ Lyn-Lake neighborhood, the C.C Club maintains a staple, statue like presence in the area. Popular for it’s happy hour specials (2 for 1s) the corner bar also serves up some damn good “dive” food (cheese curds, burgers etc). Pool tables, dart boards, and video games complete the scene; along with plenty of thirsty locals looking to have a good time. A perfect place to pregame or grab a last call, don’t be surprised if you bump into someone you know after a few visits. If you’re ever near 28th & Lyndale and in need of a drink, stop on into the C.C Club.

Complex Mag: “Hidden Minneapolis”


Jake Heinitz (Greenroom) was recently called upon by Complex Mag to highlight some fun spots in Minneapolis. A list clearly built by a local, Jake throws in a few overlooked locations, with the south side being a hot spot. Taco Cat, Glam Doll, Icehouse, Victor’s 1959 Cafe, Familia Skateshop and B.Resale all get worthy nods among the others, click the link below and check out the list for yourself.

Complex: “Hidden Minneapolis”

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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If you are new to the MADE Blog, or simply haven’t noticed, we have featured our favorite brews on a weekly basis for a year. Thanks to beer and the extra effort, you can further explore two of our favorite new found brews on a weekly basis. Our first choice, goes out to Minnesota’s very own Bent Paddle Brewery’s Cold Press Black Ale.

This one has turned me away for a few weeks now due it’s surcharge of $12.99 for a four-pack. After some time, I was finally feeling well off enough and purchased the four pack with no regrets. Cold Press pours blacker than black, with little to no head. After pouring and taking my first sip, I couldn’t help but notice the thick coffee and chocolate notes this beer brings , and is it ever smooth. One of the better coffee ales to DATE, if not the BEST — Bent Paddle linked up with Duluth Coffee to create one fresh tasting brew. Light bodied, moderate carbonation, all perfectly balanced to sooth the soul. I highly recommend this brew to any coffee/beer lovers out there.

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After making a trip down to pops house, I opened up the fridge to find a gem of a beer sitting there. All the way from Nebraska, Zip Line Brewery’s NZ IPA fell into the palm of my hand and into my bloodstream.

The NZ IPA, is loaded with the bitter yet citrusy New Zealand Hops (Hence NZ IPA). This is not your typical American IPA, as I personally found it to be quite complex. The beer itself is more than carbonated and pours a nice golden color. The label states, “it is bursting with tangerine’s and blackberry’s,” which is quite misleading, as this is a lot less bursting. The brew smells like this, but yet has lighter notes of tangerines, making for a awesome brew for warmer weather. I would definitely give this one a go in a full sixer to see how it grows, but overall it is unique with bitter hops with sweeter malts backing it.

Grumpy’s limited Action Beer Festival


Where: 111 Washington Ave S., Minneapolis|  612.340.9738
When: 2pm | Saturday, November 8th 2014 |

Tonight, Grumpy’s will be having a random Limited Action Beer Festival. This event is free to attend, and is said to feature one-of-a-kind brews that may never surface ever again. . . so shit, make your way over to Grumpy’s. All breweries in attendance are MN based and are required to contain hand picked hops from Grumpy’s, wild rice, or something entirely different that is Minnesotan. The idea itself is something new and we expect a good turnout for the event.

The first 150 people will receive a commemorative tasting glass with a set of free tasting tickets. Early drunk gets the brew. 

Featured Breweries: 612Brew, Fulton Beer, Indeed Brewing, Mankato Brewing, Rush River Brewing, Sociable Cider Werks, Summit BrewingLift Bridge Brewery, Northgate Brewery and Excelsior Brewing.

Beasthead Minneseries @ Nomad

Beasthead Minneseries

Location: 501 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis
When: Every Thursday in October

The homies from Beasthead are already 4 Thursday’s into their October residency at the Nomad. Each night will feature a different group of artists and each Thursday looks like a good time. Tonight, Garrison Grouse will perform and release a new video as well as performances from Aaron & The Sea, C.Kostra and Ice Cream Visual Suite. These are 21+ and like always FREE, if you’re looking for something to get into tonight,look no further.

[MADE] Recap – The Rotation Live @ Honey 7.17.14


Although, it has nearly been a week since the show, it is better late than never for a recap. Last Thursday night, we ended up hopping into The Rotation, and I can’t remember seeing Honey that busy on a Thursday night. The Rotation featured everyone as promised: Finding Novyon, Devon Reason, PrettyBoy, Travis Gorman, and Dwynell Roland.


As The Rotation kept moving, the crowd kept moving with them. Each artist performed solo stuff, as well as group performances in no particular order — this made for one fluent night of music. If you didn’t attend this show or one of the last few they’ve performed at Honey, you are truly snoozing and need to keep up with what’s current.

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So you had to work or something and missed the first installment of The Rotation, don’t worry there will be more to come. Be sure to stay tuned here for all the latest from the artists mentioned above. If you need some catching up, thumb through the pics and press play below.
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[RECAP] 2014 St. Paul Summer Beer Fest

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Once again this year marks another successful year at the St. Paul summer beer festival. The event featured over 100 breweries and thousands of drunk people breaking glass. After waiting out the initial 20 minute line to enter, the rest of the day went smoothly as we got away rain free with unlimited booze and live music. If you still haven’t been, make sure to mark this one down in your calendar next year (that is, if you like beer of course).

With over 100 breweries, it is always a tough choice deciding which ones to bounce between, because there is no way you are hitting them all. While their were many beers featured from Minnesota, it is a good day to expand your horizon and find out about new upcoming breweries.

New Upcoming favorites: Finch’s Beer Company and Tin Whisker’s Brewing Company. Finch’s beer company is only 3 weeks old and is located in Chicago, IL. With a variety of canned tallboys already for sale, Finch’s is already making a splash into the market; their Fascist Pig was delicious (Imperial Red IPA). Tin Whisker’s is a newly opened brewery out of St. Paul, which already features a solid lineup of brews at their taproom, all of which were on point.

St. Paul Summer Beer Fest Winner: Went out to MPLS’ Dangerous Man. The brewery is not shy of winning, since they just won the 2014 Winter Beer Dabbler.

Favorite Beer? Drank too many to remember.