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Metasota – Get Bye

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Talib Kweli and Metasota’s ongoing feud, the two MCs have been going back and forth ever since Meta’s now infamous tweet poking fun at Talib’s exemption from Jay-Z’s last series of tweets. The God MC himself took time out of his busy schedule to thank various artists including many from Talib’s old crew, except there was no mention of Talib himself. Meta took to Twitter with this observation, and lets just say that things escalated quickly. Recently more fuel was thrown onto the fire resulting in more back and forth insults on Twitter, but Metasota took things a step further by releasing a diss track titled “Get Bye.” Produced by MMYYKK, the record feels tailor made for Meta allowing him to waste zero bars addressing the situation. Punchlines and slick word play are all over this one, but it honestly feels like Meta was holding back. Check out “Get Bye” for yourself below and keep an eye out for more as things heat up.

Save Meek Mill

meek mill i used to be a rapper

As most of you probably know by now the Drake/Meek Mill beef is starting to heat up. Of all the memes, vines and whatever other hilarious things being spread around the internet, someone has taken things to a new level with the “Save Meek Mill” charity. The website aims to donate proceeds to Philadelphia’s public school system, all in an effort to help Philly’s youth avoid growing up to be like Meek Mill. Over the top? Maybe, but at least there’s actually a good cause on the back end; click the link below to check out the website.