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Vinyl Is Finally Taking Back The Music Industry As CD Sales Plummet


I’ve been saying it for years: vinyl is the way to go and Millennials are finally catching on! Best Buy announced this week that its stores will stop selling CDs (compact discs) altogether this July 1. Meanwhile vinyl sales have been steadily rising over the last few years, becoming, once again, a high-demand item for music retailers who have been struggling to compete with digital streaming services and music downloaded from the Internet. According to The Guardian, vinyl sales saw a 53% increase between 2015 and 2016, the highest sales numbers for vinyl since 1991. Although vinyls have always been kept around by independent retailers like Half Price Books and local stores like Cheapo Records and Electric Fetus here in Minneapolis, retailers like Best Buy and Target have caught up with the trend. As some begin to drop CD sales, none seem to have any plans to stop selling vinyl. Continue reading

[MADE] This is the North | Pt.2

rock copyTo follow up with last week’s post, we bring you, This is the North Pt.2. The sole purpose of this piece, is to showcase and focus on on our native land in MN.

theview_8 copy– Tettegouche State Park Trails, MN

palisade_2 copy-The Palisade Head, near Tettegouche State Park, MN.

This is the North Pt.1

By: K-Vogz

Sony A5100

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Over the last 5 years, Sony has become one of the best companies at making digital cameras. This newly released A5100, is a small handheld camera that is quite powerful and boastes some tremendous attributes. The A5100, is a 24.3 megapixel camera with a hybrid AF system, which has 179 phase detection points for rapid action and focused frames. On top of that, Sony has added a LED monitor that is 180 degrees flexible and can be seen from the front. You can also add new lenses for specific situations as needed. Lastly, Sony’s A5100 allows you to capture photos anywhere from 1/4000th of a second, all the way up to a 30 second shutter speed for photos.

Price: $549

Martin De Pasquale’s Photoshopping Dreams


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The Argentinean artist Martin De Pasquale has some elite photoshopping skills. The amount of detail that goes into crafting each photo seems near impossible. Feel free to take a second or third glance if needed to dive deeper into the photos.  These have to be one of the most surreal self portraits we have seen.

For more photos visit:


Flora Bori – Coffee Universe

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Flora Borsi, the young twenty-something year old, is a well known artist from Budapest, Hungary. Much of her work focuses on editing real images and making them into something unordinary. Her work in digital photography is second to none, as her art is all made with accuracy and precision. It is quite evident, as her Coffee Universe series looks absolutely stunning; perfectly blending coffee swirls into city skylines. Flora has won a slew of awards in recent years, and I expect more to come with creative work such as this. For more visit the link below.


Miguel Chavalier Digitalizes The Natural World

The French artist, Miguel Chavalier, has created an amazing amazing interacting digital art exhibit. His exhibit focuses on taking natural elements such as flowers and reinterpreting and creating a whole new universe within the art museum in a new metaphorical way. Lets just say it’s damn trippy. Right now the exhibit is on display at the Museum of Modern Art of Céret in France. Each piece is said to interact with the visitors as they move in the space in which surrounds them. Overall, this seems very aesthetically pleasing and I hope the man brings some of his work to the midwest.



Visual Effects Icon Doug Trumbull To Debut Short Film ‘UFOTOG’ At Seattle’s Cinerama Sci-Fi Film Festival 2014


Doug Trumbull has made a name for himself in Hollywood for the last 50 years for his work in the visual effects department. He has worked with directors like Stanley Kubric, Steven Spielberg, and Ridley Scott on iconic films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), and Blade Runner (1982), and has directed around ten short films throughout the course of his career. Now Trumbull is getting ready to release a new 12-minute short film that he wrote and directed, entitled UFOTOG, at this year’s sci-fi film festival at Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre. The project is an experimental 4K 3D 120FPS film and demonstrates Trumbull’s new process called MAGI, a technical language that is supposed to immerse the audience in the film in a way that can’t be done with conventional film techniques. The film will also receive help from Christie Digital, who will provide a special digital projector to show the film at the festival. The projector is said to have the highest frame speed for a commercial project, and will be used for the UFOTOG premiere. Cinerama will host the festival from May 1-12 this year and will feature a number of new and classic films; you can check out more on the theatre and festival on their Facebook page.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera


Polaroid is getting set to release their latest toy, the “Socialmatic” camera. Equipped with 14 megapixels and Zink Zero printing, the new age Polaroid will be able to prink 2×3″ full color photos at the press of a button. This has the potential to be pretty dope, hopefully some actual product pics come out soon so we can get a better look at it.