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WayTools TextBlade Keyboard

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Looking for a quick smooth keyboard that can fit in your pocket? WayTools has created just that. The TexBlade keyboard snaps together with magnets in your pocket, weighing just over 42 grams in total. By connecting to a phone, tablet or PC, the TextBlade is the slimmest QWERTY wireless keyboard on the market. With a quick charge through the USB, you can focus on your work with minimal weight to carry.


Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Moment

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This smart new music system is the first of it’s kind. The first ever touch sensitive wood interface system plays music that adapts to different settings for its users by suggesting new music and radio programs. While the company has been working on perfecting a device such as this, they have now released one sexy music player. The streaming device has access to over 35 million songs by streaming what you like. For more, visit: http://www.bang-olufsen.com/en

Ellusionist Pyro – The Fireball Shooting Wristband

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Our obscure new gadget of the week, goes out to the Ellusionist’s Pyro Fireshooter. The device straps on your wrist like a watch and shoots fireballs up to 30ft! Unless you are a magician or one odd person, I am not sure why you would want this (it is baddass though). After activating the device with a press of a button, you are set to shoot multiple fireballs. You can purchase the device as of now, and you can also load up and by multiple flash packs to reload the device.


Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A2 Portable Stereo

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Band & Olufsen recently released their brand new Bluetooth stereo system. The device is among one of the more elegant wireless speakers on the market. The stereo allows for up to 8 devices to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth and features up to 24 hours of battery life. Unfortunately, as nice as the speakers sound, a price of $400 will turn many customers away.



Veloloop – Hacking Traffic Lights For Bicycles

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The Veloloop is strictly a device used for bicyclists. Once you attach the loop device to your bicycle, the said device will trigger traffic sensors at intersections acting as if you were a car on the road. No more waiting for lights and no more guessing and shooting through red lights (which is always the quickest route). Once you approach the light, the mechanism will blink and lock onto the light, and confirm that your light will be changing. Right now, this is only apart of a Kickstarter campaign, but I could certainly see this device taking off.

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Panasonic Lumix CM1 Smart Camera

At first glance you might not think this camera, is actually a phone. Panasonic’s newly released point and shoot camera features powerful specs as both a phone and camera. Why exactly are we featuring this clunky phone/slimmed down digital camera? Well, lets just let the stats do the talking.

Phone Specs:

  • 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 4.7-inch 1080p screen
  • 2GB of RAM

Camera Specs:

  • Gigantic 1-inch sensor is a full 20 megapixels!!!
  • Leica F/2.8 28mm lens
  • DSLR-style manual controls for exposure, aperture, and ISO compliment
  • 4K video shooting.

Last thing, this device will be priced at just over $1000

Video for more Visuals

[New] DENON’s Envaya Speaker

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The company out of the UK, DENON, has developed a brand new speaker that enables three users to pair up to it simultaneously. All that is needed, is NFC capabilities, Bluetooth, a smartphone, and you are set. These new speakers allow for up to 10 hours of battery with only a 2.5 hour charge time. It also has a built in auxiliary port and functions as a mobile charger with it’s USB charging port. The Envaya, is now one of THE best portable speakers on the market. Oh, and don’t worry about re-pairing your phone to the speaker as it memorizes everyones device that it links up with.

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Stay tuned as it’s making its way to the US for $199.99