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[MADE] Brews of the Week


I am not sure why it has taken this long to try the beloved Deschutes Hop in The Dark. The American Black Ale is absolutely a must buy, and I hope that if you come across a bottle, purchase it.

This American Black Ale hits nearly every part of palate, as it is full of flavor. The beer itself sits at a nice 6.8% Alcohol by Vol, making for a medium body overall. Each sip serves the tongue with a mixture of fruits, citrus, chocolate and piney hop notes, giving it a bit of a surprising experience (but great). Cascade hops happen to be one of my personal favorites, and this could be why this one sits so well.


Oscura, is made from Wisconsin’s Furthermore Brewing Co. This beer and brewery are rather unique in general. Just a few days ago I picked up a single with the hopes of a coffee stout, but man was I way off.

The beer itself is brewed as a California Common/Steam beer. For those who don’t know, it is simply a American style lager which is often brewed with a specific lager yeast made for warmer temps. So, you can easily see why I was thrown off by assuming this coffee “lager” was a stout, because this is very uncommon. The overall texture and taste comes off like a normal brew, but yet finishes with a decently strong coffee flavor, which overrides much of the hop/malt flavors. This coffee lager is a one of a kind, and is done absolutely perfect. Keep your eyes open for a six pack, this brew is delicious.

[MADE] Brews of The Week

Whether you are an IPA lover or not, this beer has the ability to quench your thirst. Deschutes has once again put together an absolute mouthwatering version of the Fresh Squeeze IPA. The best part about this brew, it is now offered year round as opposed to seasonally.

One can’t help but notice how flavorful and fruity the beer is. A majority of IPAs are rather bitter with a stronger finish. You might taste mango, pineapple or even oranges, all in one swig of this brew. Overall, it has quite a clean finish, all while sitting just above 6% ABV. This beer is an instant favorite and will probably see more sales once Spring and Summer are full effect.

Sierra Nevada recently released their 4-Way IPA variety pack. Out of the four, this beer happens to be one of our favorites. Although it is damn near a four-way tie, this beer is flat out smooth for a Black IPA.

With an even mixture of roasted malts and hops, the beer is really not overwhelming at all. It tastes nothing like any other Black IPA that I have ever had before. This is something fresh and smooth that you could drink year round, unlike most Black IPAs. So far the only way we have been able to find the beer, is in the variety pack that we noted above. I would definitely grab a sixer if it was available.