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[MADE] Recap – The Wave @Honey MPLS | Pt.1 | 4.13.16

TheWavePt.1 (22 of 41)Nathan Ejuwa

This past Wednesday night, we kept things moving with a hip-hop showcase. The night featured: Manny Phesto, John Shrimpnose & Prophetta, Devon Reason, Mac Drakula, Nathan Ejuwa, Adriatic, DJ Travis Gorman and DJ Low. This is a small sample size of the artists that performed, as we have more photos to come. For want ended up being another successful night of music in Minneapolis, we are excited to help cover what’s next to come. Stay locked for more and make sure to continue to support local artists.

[MADE] Recap – Rich Garvey’s Almost Dirty 30 | Honey MPLS

RichGarveyBday (36 of 43)Rich GarveyRichGarveyBday (19 of 43)K.RaydioRichGarveyBday (20 of 43)Dwynell RolandRichGarveyBday (5 of 43)Phib

This past Thursday night, we made our way over to Honey to help celebrate the homie Rich Garvey’s 29th birthday. The night, featured performances by: Rich Garvey himself, Chance York, The Rotation, K.Raydio, Phib, Blamsiss, DJ Low, Frank Castle, and Travis Gorman. On another busy night of music in Minneapolis, many packed the venue to help celebrate – which ended being one successful night. Many artists showed up with new music, so if you couldn’t attend, make sure to stay on the look out for more tunes. Meanwhile, flip through some pics below and stay locked for more to come.

[MADE] Weird High 2.5 Recap | 1.30.16 | MPLS MN

WH2.5 (11 of 36) copyWH2.5 (29 of 36) copyWH2.5 (32 of 36) copy

Photos By: KVogez

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Boozer1 (1 of 1)-2

As we wind down our fine year of 2015, we continue to locate and find unique delicious beers to drink. Over the past week or so, Stone Brewery’s 24 Carrot Golden, stood out the most. The carrot cake inspired Belgian Style-Ale, is one to try just for the experience. If you’re not a fan of carrot cake, then maybe not so much.

While this beer has had mixed reviews by many, don’t let that fool you. It’s not often that you will ever find a beer such as this one. The beer has an intense initial taste of spices and semisweet raisin like flavors. There are subtle notes of cinnamon, vanilla and carrots to go with it. Honestly, this beer is the closet thing you can come to tasting like an actual carrot cake, yet keep a belgian beer undertone. Sitting at 8.4% ABV, this beer will keep you on your toes.

[MADE] Recap – Live at the Cabooze | 11.19.15

Boozer (27 of 28)John Shrimpnose and ProphettaBoozer (11 of 28)Andre MarietteBoozer (5 of 28)CatalystBoozer (20 of 28)Rich Garvey

Full Recap Video


By: KVogz

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Lagunitas Brown Shugga’
This beer is no surprise, as it has been around for a few years now. Lagunitas has some of the most remarkable beers around, and they constantly do things their way. One of  their highly sought after brews that they continue to pump out during the winter season, is their Brown Shugga’ American Strong Ale.

First off, do not let the price tag fool you ($9.99 a six pack), because these beers are pushing 10% ABV. Literally two beers in, am I am feeling warm and buzzin’ heavy. For real, don’t sleep on this beer if you have been. Each sip brings sweet carmel malt flavors packed with heavy fruit hops – this brew is velvety smooth, leaving me wanting every last drop. If you’re into hops, this beer doesn’t disappoint. Did we mention this one’s seasonal? Yes, and this is why Lagunitas continues to be different, releasing a sweet and hoppy, yet powerful brew for the winter months – instead of a porter or stout.

By: KVogz

[MADE] Recap – Beasthead and Friends @ The Nomad | 10.30.15

Halloween (43 of 61)BeastheadHalloween (2 of 61)Devata DaunHalloween (21 of 61)Carnivore Bones

This past Friday, Beasthead held down The Nomad to kickoff the Halloween weekend. The night featured a variety of local artists – all of which, are a unique blend of genres. It was free to enter with a costume, which made it that much more of a reason to come out and support local acts – and aren’t we glad that we did. Make sure to visit the links above and browse the pics below. Don’t forget to continue to stay locked for more recaps to come!


By: KVogez

[MADE] Recap – Prophetta and John Shrimpnose w/ Special Guests @ Honey | 9.29.15

TheCreek-1 (51 of 62)John Shrimpnose

Rich Garvey


This past Tuesday, we made our way into Honey for another dope night of music. With performances by: John Shrimpnose and Prophetta, Jaylap and Tyy P, Rich Garvey, and Sayth – we were in store for a full night of hip-hop. Peep the pics below and stay locked for more to come!


By: KVogz

[MADE] Recap – Studiiyo 23 – 5th Year Anniversary Block Party & TCSAX 6 | Pt.2

Studyio23_SNEAKERZ (5 of 39) copy

Studyio23_SNEAKERZ (25 of 39) copy

Studyio23_SNEAKERZ (10 of 39) copy


Photos By: KVogz


[MADE] Recap – Dwynell Roland @ The Skyway Theatre | 9.10.15 | Full Album


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By: KVogz