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Doomtree December Blowout Sale

The good people over at Doomtree are currently holding a blowout sale on their website. The return of the mystery bag is a big draw as well as the savings on CDs & LPs, 20% off orders over $100 is a solid deal also. Check out the website for yourself by clicking the link below.

Doomtree Store

Studios Rearranging Big Release Dates With News Of ‘Star Wars 8’


Last week Disney/Lucasfilm announced that the release of Star Wars Episode 8 would be pushed back from May to December 2017, owing to delayed production and script re-writes by director Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom, Looper). Filming on the new movie is expected to begin soon, but in the meantime, some rival production companies have had to rearrange their plans for some of their upcoming big releases. Director James Cameron (Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Titanic) is still currently set to begin filming all three of his upcoming Avatar sequels simultaneously at the end of this year, but Avatar 2, having already been moved back from release in December 2016 to December 2017, is now being pushed back again, with no release yet in sight. The official reason why has not been elaborated upon by the studios or filmmakers, but the news of Star Wars 8 and Avatar 2 being released in the same month could very well have something to do with it. Considering the scale of the original Avatar, it could be just as likely that Cameron has been hindered by production issues and script re-writes, but regardless of the reason, Avatar 2 might not be hitting theaters until some time in 2018 or even 2019. Star Wars 8 will, however, still have to compete with Warner Bros.’ upcoming sci-fi adventure Ready Player One from director Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Lincoln). Disney/Lucasfilm’s first Star Wars spinoff sequel, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is still scheduled for release in December 2016. Stay tuned for more news.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Shatters Box Office Records In Opening Weekend


Star Wars: The Force Awakens proved to be more than just the return of one of the most loved film franchises of all time. It was also the highest-grossing opening weekend movie of all time. Beginning with a $57 million haul on Thursday night, the film went on to make an estimated $238 million domestically in the first three days of release. The opening also brought in another $279 million in international ticket sales, putting the worldwide box office opening at a grand total of $517 million. Jurassic World was the last to set the record earlier this year with $208.8 million. Force Awakens also set the record for the highest opening single day and Friday release at $120.5 million, and the highest December opening weekend record set by The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at $84.62 million in 2012. Needless to say, Disney is about to cash in a big fat check. Be sure to check it out in theaters this Holiday season.

Nooky Jones LIVE @ Icehouse w/ Eric Mayson & Big Cats


Location: 2528 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Friday, December 18th @ 10:30PM

Icehouse might be the place to go tonight for those looking for a great show experience in a more laid back setting. The evening will feature neo soul artist Nooky Jones with his band, as well as Big Cats and all around badass Eric Mayson. Icehouse is one of the best venues in the city and nights like this really fit it’s atmosphere well. This one is 21+ and the door is $10, click the link below for more information.

Nooky Jones @ Icehouse

Nardwuar Suffers Stroke


News has broke that beloved interviewer Nardwuar suffered a stroke last Saturday at a Mint Records Party. Nard seems to be ok, a post on his Twitter account says that he is currently recovering in the hospital. Certainly good news, we hope Nardwuar has a safe and speedy recovery.

Air Jordan XI “Legend Blue” Release Date


Once a year, Jordan shuts down the sneaker game with a BRED release right before Christmas. This year they’ve decided to bring back the long sought after “Columbias”, which have been renamed the “Legend Blues”. The kicks will once again cause a stir at retailers as there are never enough to go around. This year they’ll retail for $185 and are currently available. If you plan to cop this late, you may be out of luck.

Friendly Reminder: Surly Brew Hall Opening This Friday


Where: 520 Malcolm Av. SE., MPLS
When: Friday, December 19th, 2014

The long awaited $30 Million brewery is opening its doors to their beer hall, complete with a full restaurant . The brew hall seats well over 250 at capacity, while their main restaurant will seat roughly 90.

Why is this so significant? Surly has been rated one of the best breweries in the country and they have expanded into 1.5 acres of land, now producing 100,000 barrels of beer annually. The brewery is now complete with an event space and restaurant. to accommodate the beer as well. Their state-of-the-art brewery will be a destination for many around the US, as they continue to brew up some highly sought after beer.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

This full bodied copper-red ale is an everyday type of beer. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, or hell, why not breakfast – this brew will fulfill your needs.

The Red Seal, which hails out of Mendocino County, CA, is one to keep an eye out for. The spicy-hopped brew is easily drinkable, leaving a nice smooth velvety feeling on the tongue. After pouring a hazy and dark red color, one would imagine it being richer and more on the red side, but overall it is a really well balanced beer with equal malts to hops.


This sought after Bastard Ale is absolutely incredible. The Lucky Bastard is a blend of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Oaked Arrogant Bastard and the Double Bastard Ale. With a blend of all the bastards, you have one Lucky Bastard.

Anyways, while all the bastards are phenomenal, this one happens to be a personal favorite. After recently being gifted to me, I immediately tried it out of a large bomber bottle. With a steep frothy head, BOLD upfront hops with a nice blend of sweet and bitterness to it – the Lucky Bastard holds up to its name. If you come across one of these and drink a bottle – you are simply one lucky bastard.

Mononome – Tale of the Pheonix


As the world turns to a new day, we continue to come across a wide variety of upcoming talented artists. One of today’s newly discovered artists is Mononome. The producer hails all the way from Greece and makes some classy hip-hop/soul infused beats. Earlier last month, Mononome released his latest record, Tale of the Pheonix. The six track EP is absolutely brilliant – full of heavy snares, thick textures and the soft melody’s, Tale of the Pheonix plays effortlessly to the end. Keep your eyes open and expect more from Mononome, he won’t be going away anytime soon.

Paramount To Release R-Rated Version of ‘Anchorman 2’


Paramaount Pictures is preparing to release a new version of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The original version hit theaters back in December and earned the studio over $125 million in the US alone. The cast reunited director Adam McKay with co-writer and lead Will Ferrell, as well as Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and David Koechner. Originally cut for a PG-13 release, the studio has an entirely different version of the film from director McKay, which pretty much re-writes the entire movie, cutting out all of the original jokes and adding new ones in their place. The new cut is over two hours long and will supposedly be given an R rating and will be released in the US and UK. A release date has not been announced yet.