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Memorable Movie Moments…

the lost world

This week’s memorable movie moment takes us back to the first sequel to Jurassic Park, The Lost World (1997). Also based on the preceding novel by Michael Crichton, the film is the only Jurassic Park sequel to be directed by Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Bridge of Spies), although he has served as executive producer on JP3 (2001) and Jurassic World (2015). In fact The Lost World is the only sequel that Spielberg has opted to direct, outside of the Indiana Jones series. It was also his first time back to film after he took a leave of absence when Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List were completed and became box office hits both in the same year. Author Michael Crichton had titled the book after the famous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which also features a mysterious island with dinosaurs and other strange phenomena.

The Lost World brought back original actor Jeff Goldblum (Independence Day, The Grand Budapest Hotel) as Dr. Ian Malcolm, who is joined by an all new cast of characters, including Oscar-winner Julianne Moore (Hannibal, Crazy Stupid Love), Pete Postlethwaite (Inception, The Town), Vince Vaughn (Old School, Wedding Crashers), Arliss Howard (Full Metal Jacket, Moneyball), Peter Stormare (Armageddon, Minority Report), Vanessa Lee Chester (A Little Princess, Harriet the Spy), and acclaimed British actor Richard Attenborough (The Great Escape, Elizabeth). Continue reading

Jurassic Park 4 Set for Summer 2015


Rumors have been circulating popular media outlets for what seems like years, regarding the installation of a fourth film in the Michael Crichton dinosaur franchise. Jurassic Park first hit theaters in 1993 and became a worldwide hit. The film was re-released earlier this year in 3D to celebrate it’s twentieth anniversary, and now Universal has released confirmation that a fourth film will be coming out in June 2015. The new project will be entitled Jurassic World and according to unconfirmed reports circling the web, takes place years later on the original island with the park in full operation and open to the public. The film will be directed by Colin Trevarrow and produced by original director Steven Spielberg, but no reports regarding the cast or other crew have been released. I would tell you to get excited, but after the disappointment of the third movie and what sounds like a complete remake of the original (plot-wise), I’m not exactly jumping for joy about this one. But let’s try to stay open minded for the time being; if they get a good cast (meaning the original cast) and get a good script written, maybe they won’t ruin the originality of the first film after all.