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October’s Long History of Historical Film Releases

Happy Halloween! October is traditionally known for the fall season and for hosting Halloween on the last day of the month. Likewise film distributors tend to look at October as a good time to release horror and slasher films for Halloween on fight-seeking audiences across the country, and around the world. October, however, has a long history of major motion picture releases that is not strictly limited to the horror genre. Read on to see our list of impressive October releases, and enjoy your Halloween Weekend! Continue reading

Memorable Movie Moments…

This week’s Memorable Movie Moment takes us back to Steven Spielberg‘s shark-attack nightmare: 1975’s Jaws. This movie is the reason why all of our parents are afraid to go into the water. Jaws was Steven Spielberg’s breakout movie. It won 3 Oscars for Best Sound, Best Film Editing, and Best Music, and was also nominated for Best Picture. All that, however, came with an extremely stressful production and a brutal film schedule that ended up expanding from 55 to 155 days. Needless to say some recognition from the Academy was definitely warranted.

One of the biggest problems was actor Robert Shaw (From Russia with Love, The Sting). Though he was respected as an actor, he was in a heavy battle with alcoholism. This caused high tensions on the set, especially with fellow actor Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Mr. Holland’s Opus). Shaw would have a drink between takes, but according to lead actor Roy Scheider (The French Connection, All That Jazz) it only took one before he was already off the wall. This caused him to totally flop the initial take of the USS Indianapolis scene, which is today’s Memorable Movie Moment.

During the scene, Quint (Shaw) describes the events surrounding the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, which carried the first operational atomic bomb for the invasion of Japan. In the initial take, Shaw decided that, since the scene was at night and the men were supposed to be drunk anyway, he would drink and do the scene. Unfortunately he was so drunk that nothing in the performance could be used. The story goes that Shaw was so ashamed he went to Spielberg to ask for another take, and the next day he delivered this stunning performance sober, and all in one take. Continue reading

#MPLS Debut Album Release @ The Fine Line


When: Thursday, June 4th 2014 | Tickets $10/$20 |
Where: Fine Line Music Cafe | 318 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55401 |

Tonight, the band formerly known as Boombox, will have their debut album release at the Fine Line. Since it will be their debut album, is only right that we pay homage to this group of talented musicians. The newly formed group, #MPLS, consists of Jesse Larson and David Glen (Hustle Rose) on guitars, Ashley Commodore and Bree Turner on Vocals, Rob Coleman, on Synth Bass, David Billingsley on the keys, MC Beeph Morgan and Brandon Commodore (Mint Condition) on drums. The overall makeup of the band blends R&B, Funk, Soul, Blues, and Hip-Hop, to make one interesting group (in a good way). The night will also feature the longtime vets, Heiruspecs, as well as Dj Adora Tokyo, to make for another good night out in Minneapolis. 

Petrolicious: The MR2 Connection

A couple of weeks ago Petrolicious featured Wisconsin’s Ring Brothers, this time around they’ve decided to tackle Toyota’s infamous MR2 model. The MR2 was first introduced in 1984 to compete with Pontiac’s Fiero, check out the video above and stay tuned for more from the guys at Petrolicious.