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BAPE x Back to the Future 2015

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With “Back to the Future” Day behind us the novelty items and collaborations are starting to pour in from even the most unexpected places. Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape, will be teaming up with Back to the Future on an entire collection incorporating Baby Milo throughout most of the line. A cool pick up for die hard fans of either brand, head over to BAPE’s official website if you’re interested in purchasing.


BAPE x Undefeated Fall 2014 Capsule Collection

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2 legendary street wear brands will join forces on a capsule collection this Fall. That’s right, A Bathing Ape & Undefeated will collaborate on a hoodie and 2 separate t-shirts for those who have been waiting. Some of the hypebeasts are calling these designs “Sloppy”, “Ugly”, “Late”, but fuck that, wear what you like not what they tell you. The above collection will become available on September 11th at Undefeated’s new flagship store in L.A. or you can wait until the 13th to snag them online. Check out the pics above and if you like what you see, keep an eye out for the links.

Vertu V Headphones in Collaboration with Bang & Olufsen

The English mobile phone company has recently announced the release of their brand new headphones. The design itself is what I look for in headphones, but if we know anything about their history (cough, overpriced devices, cough cough), I doubt I will lay my hands on a pair. On the other hand, the device is made with super lightweight aircraft quality aluminum and hand-stitched leather to make for some top-knotch headphones.


[MADE] Brews of the Week


If you like beer, well then, you are a fan of Duluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing Company because they make some of the best stuff in the state. As the craft brew scene finally seems to settle down from its initial boom, Bent Paddle continues to make themselves known to all the craft brew lovers in the state of Minnesota.

One of my personal favorites happens to be their Golden Hop IPA. The beer itself is loaded with a citrus hop presence with some grassy notes to it. Surprisingly, with the amount of hop flavor, it still has a light-medium body to it (hence golden IPA). After gulping down your first one, it is hard not to crack into a second or third. With a gold color, citrus hop flavor and a smooth dry finish — I recommend giving this one a try.


As Sierra Nevada continues to find ways to be leaders of innovation in the beer industry, they never let me down…ever. Recently, the brewery out of Chico, CA., released twelve new beers for their Beer Camp across America. In every new beer they made, they were able to making quite a variety of new brews: IPA’s, Stouts, Pale Ales, Pilsners, you name it.

One of the few that I’ve had to try on tap, happens to be their Pale Ale, Chico King. The beer is brewed with 3 Floyds brew pub out of Indiana. This pale ale is exactly what I come to look for when drinking this style of brew. The beer offers a lot of pine, orange hop flavors, with a nice mixture of malts (and maybe even carmel) tossed into it.  If you live in the Minneapolis area, Mckenzie’s downtown has this one available for a limited time. We strongly suggest snagging a pint while you can. Cheers!

A$AP Ferg x A Bathing Ape

ASAP Ferg Bape 1
ASAP Ferg 2

A$AP Ferg is no stranger to the brand A Bathing Ape, often seen wearing it or heard referencing it; Ferg is front running Bape’s return to prominence. Designed by Jay West, the shirt depicts Ferg holding Baby Milo as Mary had held baby Jesus. The release of these shirts will coincide the release of Ferg’s upcoming album “Trap Lord”, they will only make 100 and they will only be available at Bape’s New York location on August 19th. The launch is at 6 PM sharp so if you’re looking to cop make sure to get there early.

Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps Part 1

Stussy’s recent “Yo! MTV Raps” collab has been a breath of fresh air in a rap industry that is so often saturated with the same content. The above video gives insight into the legendary show “Yo! MTV Raps” and talks about the impact that it has had on hip hop as a culture. Lets hope MTV brings back some of the shows that were actually music related.