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James Franco Will Produce ‘Goat’ From Author David Gordon Green


Everybody knows that James Franco is basically Hollywood’s version of the Energizer Bunny, but it’s always interesting to hear what project the writer/actor/producer/director will decide to add to his To-Do list. Franco is currently filming Michael with director Justin Kelly, has several directing projects of his own lined up, and will also be adapting the 2008 novel Rant for the big screen. He is also now going to produce a new dramedy from a novel by David Gordon Green called Goat, which follows 19-year-old assault victim Brad as he follows his older brother to Clemson University and pledges the same fraternity only to suffer more despair and isolation as he and his brother grow apart and he must also deal with the pressures of college hazing and his traumatizing past ordeal. The story sounds like it definitely has great potential, but thus far Franco has only come out as being involved at the production level, and no plans to get him behind the camera have yet been announced from either Franco or director Andrew Neel.