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New Spike Lee Drama ‘Chiraq’ Begins Filming In Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood

Chicago Police investigate a shooting on Chicago’s southside.

Chicagoans may have noticed all the crazy traffic that surrounded the Wicker Park neighborhood today (June 2nd). The cause? Controversial film director Spike Lee (Malcolm X, Inside Man) is in town at the intersection of North and Milwaukee Avenue beginning principle photography for his new drama Chiraq. The film has already been the subject of much scrutiny owing to the implications of its title, and the graphic nature of the violence in Chicago that is expected to be the film’s main focus. Making up the cast are actors Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained), John Cusack (Hot Tub Time Machine, The Raven), Jeremy Piven (Old School, Entourage), Common (Now You See Me, Selma), and Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, Empire), with rapper Kanye West rumored to also be in the cast. Details on the plot are still pretty vague, but the film has been in production for sometime now, and this is likely only one location that will be used for film locations. The film is due out in theaters in 2016. Stay tuned.

CHIRAQ: Chicago’s Rap Underground (Trailer)

It seems capitalizing off of the violence within the city of Chicago and it’s music scene, is the new cool thing to do. Noisey is embarking on an 8 part documentary that will spotlight Chicago’s underground rap scene as well as the city that breeds it. You’ll see the usual artists like Chief Keef & Lil Reese, but the documentary is also set to feature artists from Save Money. Peep the trailer above and keep an eye out for part 1, hopefully all of the attention on Chicago’s bad neighborhoods will lead to some good.

Vice: Chiraq

Awhile back the good guys at Vice did this powerful segment about the violence that is currently running rampant in Chicago. It seems like the rest of the nation either doesnt really know, or doesnt really care that the CHI battles with Iraq every year for most murders. In ways, even Northsiders are ignorant to the war zone that is the Southside; check out the video above and get aquianted. Mad respect to the guys at Vice for spotlighting this issue.